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Embroidery 1

Worsted Work 3

Crochet Broderie Anglais N2 4

" " N5 5

Implements 5

For Tatting, Netting, 5

A [Svelte] 5

For Bead Work 5

Crochet a la Broderie Anglaise N1. 6

Elliptic Needles 6

[Ring] Needles 6

Chenille Needles 6

Gauge 6

Crochet a la Broderie Anglaise N3 7

Slipper Sock 8

Watch Pocket 8

Knitted Eyletts 9

Double Chain Stitch 9

Slip Stitch 9

To Contrast an Edge 9

To Enlarge an Edge 10

To Join a Thread 10

Ribbed Crochet 10

To Work over Cord 10

" " in both sides of a chain 10

" " under a chain 10

Twisted Knitting 10

To make Stitches 10

To Take in (Decrease) 11

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Worked with the shuttle spool. Pretty Edging like Cluny Lace 6d, 1p, 6d, 1p, 6d, turn it over; now [drop] the spool, [and] use the shuttle [and] make 5d, 1p, 5d

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Toothpick on Match [Sage] N.1.

Trimming for an Under[petticoat]

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Toothpick on Match [?]

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62 Godey

Mice to Prevent the Incursions of Strew wild mint where you wish to keep the mice out, [and] they will never trouble you.

To Wash Ribbons

Almost any ribbon can be washed [and] [rinsed?], and made to look nearly as [of not] quite [as] well as new. Except a few delicate colors, as pink, or sky blue [etc?]

To wash ribbons, make a clea[r or n] lather of clean white soap, the water as warm as you can bear your hands in it; rub the ribbon through this, soap may be applied where there are grease spots on the wrong side; rinse in cold water. As soon as wash -ed, without hanging out to dry, have ready a hot iron, [and] press them out while wet; press on the wrong side; They will will wrinkle [and] never look well, if not pressed while wet. If you wish to stiffen them dip them before ironing, in a solution of gum Arabic; when ironed smooth, take the scissors [and] trim off the ends. I have renewed narrow satin ribbons in this way when you would not know they had ever been worn; also wide colored ribbons, black [etc?]

To Bleach Yarn

An ounce of [lac?] sulphur (brimstone) to the [cut] is the allowance, [and] readily home made yarn beautiful for knitting hoods, comforts, scarfs, [? ?]. The Bark of the Horse chesnut, boiled until it forms a lather, is the best wash for flannels.

Crochet Mat

Materials, Evans boar's-head cotton, N10. crochet hook N17; eagle cardboard guage. Make a chain of 3; unite it into a round.

1st round 6 double crochet. - 2nd 12 d.c. - 3rd [s]c, *5 chain miss 2, sc on 3rd, *all round

4th * sc under centre of 5 ch, of last round 5 ch, *all round.

5th Dc all round. 6th sc on a stitch, * 7 chain, miss 3, sc [in] 4th all round.

7th 3 Tc under loop of 7 of last round; 5 ch; * repeat.

8th Tc all round. 9th Dc all round.

10th Sc in first dc, * 9 ch, miss 3, sc in 4th, * all round.

11th * sc under loop of 9 ch, 5 ch, *; repeat.

12th * 5 dc on ch, 1 ch; *; repeat

13th (Begin to work this round in the 1ch) 7 tc, 1 dc, in 1 ch, 5 dc on 5 dc, turn the work, 7 ch, sc in 4th tc stitch, 5 ch, sc in next but 1, 5 ch, sc in next; turn again, 8 dc in each of 5 ch, 13 dc in ch of 7; repeat.

14th Sc on centre of the middle scallop, 13 ch; repeat.

15th Dc all round.

16th * sc, 7 ch, sc in [same] stitch, 13 ch, [sc, in same], 7 ch, sc in same, 3 ch, miss 2, [1] tc into 3rd stitch, 3 ch, miss 2, tc in 3rd, 3 ch, miss 2; repeat.

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