To Embroider on Kid

[///Get a sheet of fine tissue paper///]
Line the kid with fine new linen, before placing it in a frame to be
worked. This is to prevent the needle from tearing the leather, as it is apt
to do when the stitches are very close to each other.

Patterns to Pounce

A little pounce or flake white must be rubbed over the paper, with
a large and flat stump, & on the paper being raised, the design app
-ears accurately marked on the cloth. It requires to be afterwards
remarked with a fine sable brush dipped in a mixture of flake white
& milk, or an artiste color, contrasting with the material mixed up
with a few drops of spirits of turpentine.

White satin, or any light color on which white would not show may
be pounced with very finely powdered charcoal, & then rubbed with a solu
-tion of Indian Ink.

For Drawing Patterns on any washing material.

Scrape some red or blue chalk; brush it lightly over a sheet of paper, Shake
off the loose grains, lay the chalked side of the paper on the muslin, & over
it the pattern, trace it with a hard pointed pencil, & the design will be
clearly marked & require no further trouble.

Case for Threaded Needles Godey June No 1867

A useful present for old ladies. Materials 12 inches Sarsanet ribbon about 2 1/2
inches wide; 16 inches of narrow ribbon; a little white flannel; 2 large wooden buttons;
& a reel of cotton.

This case is very easy to make, & it is an extremely useful one especially for old
ladies who find it difficult to thread their needles.

The piece of wide ribbon, 12 inches long, must be hemmed at one end, & folded
into a point, where a loop of silk is made to fasten the case. A strip of fine flan
-nel is laid over the ribbon & fastened by a row of herring bone stitch all round the
edge. The silk with which this is worked should be perfectly matched with the ribbon
in color, so that the small stitches at the top & bottom show as little as possible
on the right side. The reel of cotton is fastened on in the following manner; take
2 flat wooden buttons exactly the size of the top of the reel, & cover them, & cover
them over with a piece of the same ribbon as that of the case. The reel should not
[be] quite as large as the ribbon; place it between the 2 buttons & through the reel between
them, leaving a long end hanging on each side. Next cover over two thirds of the reel
with a piece of narrow ribbon, the ends of which, tied with tied with those left on

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