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Religious Works

[crossed-out] Adams Practical Works 3 vols. Butlers Analogy + Sermons 2 cop. Association Tracts Lavington's Addresses [?] Alarm x Anecdotes for Sunday Schools Aids to Reflection The [?] Creed (King) Riches of Bunyau Bishop Patrick [Adoiu?] Brooks Remedies Baxters Call Brier [4?] Myrtle The Caloius Institute 3 vols. - Tracts 3 vols Letters 2 vols Christian Observer 1 vol - Library 6 vols Christs Knocking At the Door (Flavel) Consolation (J.W. Alexander) Daily Steps Towards Heaven Earnest [Commencement?] Essentials Of Christianity (Joseph Milner) [/crossed-out]

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