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Just listen to that Arts Man in there!
Shocking! I hate vulgar [slang - crossed out] profanity and
spurn it. I didn't break out myself
even when they put me in the bathtub,
head down, or -- "(Violent
thump on door, and before the E.I.S.
has time to say 'come in', the High
Arts man from next door, without being
invited, takes time by the doorlock
and smashes in)

High Art - "Halls, Fawther, why don't you quit
your plugging and wipe the cobwebs out
of your eyes. Why all this toil and
scrubble, as my friend Worksworth

E.I.S. "You [come - o changed to a] came in with a Big Push. Have
a little regard for -- Here, don't sit
on that chair; I've just being glueing
it up again".

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