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Feb. THURSDAY, 3. 1876.
if main gate
valve was ever shut
down so as to look
what percentage is allowed
at S D for [slip?] ?

[Cho?] by inspector to
see what services &
FRIDAY, 4. [centred]
[tales?] they had [illegible] in

GATES & shut offs -
is there any second
where [locked?] ? it took
6 1/2 hours in NY to locate
& shut off a [broken?] 48"
main -
[indented half a page] what gates
are now shut ?

SATURDAY, 5. [centred]
[To?] any part of the
main now buried
not giving service.

make [tracing?] of plan
showing gate valves

Do all gate valves open
in same direction & with

[top of right page]
Feb. SUNDAY, 6. 1876.
same key ?
[drawn horizontal line across entire page]

See [illegible] second of where the
[new?] gates & valves are put in

See if [illegible] or some [friendly?] will
not make pattern of "T connection [sleeves?] ?"
[indented almost half a page] Spare material on
hand now for emergency repairs
following break-downs .

Leaks MONDAY, 7. Leaks

Was any change made for water
used in St. [illegible] [during?] the
wake experiment.

meter [illegible] [illegible]
[illegible] on all seconds & returns

Used build-up [folio]
account look here [after OR often] .

meters TUESDAY, 8. should be
[read?] monthly to [save?] [squabbley?]
& [e?]tealing

Interest on Bank Deposit go
to Abbott when [O OR D]MF [illegible] to [illegible]

Instead see if it is added
[illegible] [annulls?] on Bank Book

If [illegible] [By Laws?] [p[illegible]] &
recorded in minutes

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