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going to my little [??] a 4 part song
by Edwards then say

Sacred to [??] my master to [??]
thought well off - her majesty all out of
time" 14 Acts of [??]
I find to music - be unto [??] anthem
M - [??] to [??]
to by [??]
(John Jenkins [??] of M
only remembered by round a [??]
verses the ferry")
([??] remembered one hymn of
such work never heard by me)
Tallis anthem sung "If he love me"
Published in 1660 in Days [Psalter]
Bird (or Byrd) July william [??]
resembles of [??] 1899
His fly leaf give 8 reasons for leaving it
beg good as given by Budge
"[Nancy" by [Morley?] then played on [piano?]
last is a marginal piece
[??] piece played Gresham prof of M

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