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[above first line] Possible uses in Production
[store?] that can be [denoted?] into economic
production just is not necessary actually
is in use- [?] C is marking
+ factory + floating. C is used in feeding
the worker [&c] until returns come in.
If C is in right hand - rightly used.
C enables us to do work in the easiest
way ([ills?] by Canada lumber clearing)
[Also?] man with weel-bucket barrel on
wheels - pipe & pumps -

Confidence in Banks accounts for our
large easy money march ( [?] 1000000
men with 1 £ in pocket or in bank - one
useless + other useless £1000000 to use at C -
E Money marked in largest - NY next french
hoard - + German not yet big -

Suez Canal ills -- The east was to take
E trade away -- but they have not C + E
owns 70 p/c of the ships using the canal.

Just division of products of
work - or times you could not prove
that worker got too small share

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