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of noon at House [illegible] [illegible] - [illegible]
V at 1 from to 5!. [illegible] with Harry [Woodham?] [joint?] [illegible]
[illegible] - [illegible] [illegible] [Harrings?] [illegible], cafe [illegible] [Winch?] -
[illegible] just [illegible] [illegible] Eve [illegible] 5:16 [illegible] 5:1

Sunday 17 May HITHER GREEN
Breakfast ([illegible] [illegible]) [illegible] 2:0 [jount?] - [Hodochs?] so [Hither?] green
[illegible] & tea with [george?] [illegible] - [Ryan] & 2 [merryfields?]
well all day - [illegible] often by [illegible] on [illegible].

Monday 18 May LONDON
Sent Laundry - told Mrs. [Howe?] not [illegible] more [illegible]
[illegible] - to Bond St. re violin book. Breakfast
[crossed out word [Fred 8d - self 6d. In Tube (joint 4d) Train Shepards
Bush to Hampton Court (joint 1s : 0d) walk Hampton Palace &
gardens, Bushey Park & by river to Richmond - (Lunch joint
2s: 4d) walk Richmond by river & thro Kew gardens to Hammersmith
seeing outriggers at practices. Bus to [Charing X (joint 8d) Tea
at Areated Bread Co. (Fred 8d self 7d) walk thro theatre
district. home - a good day without rain. [Evening? ] Fred 3s : 6d
self 3s :3d

Tuesday 19 May EPPING LONDON
Breakfast ([Fred 8d - self? 7d) fare to Epping Forest
([Bois?]) (Joint 2 : 7) Dinner at Waltham

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Payment for trips and food is in English money which before decimilisation was pounds (£) shillings (s) and pence (d).