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unseen - male choir, away up in the far back organ

This music is written in a
square black note, on a four
red-line stave, and is so effective
in form and colour, as
to fully justify the notation being
retained in the printed catholic
missals, and in the intoning
"plain-song" of the Episcopal (High)
Church, - of which class of music books my collection
has some good specimens.

The vellum upon which
the Antiphonal is written, has
been used for an earlier M.S.S.,
and the old illuminated characters show through,
faintly, here and there; and one
wonders, what M.S.S. record it was,
that some 4 1/2 centuries ago,
seemed to be so old and valueless,
that it was then washed off, to make

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