October 15, 1916 pg4




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We have a fine place to live in here.
The huts are about 60 ft by 22 ft., and are quite
comfortable. There are about 30 of us in
each hut. I sleep with Oliver. Jack
Baynes and Clare Gowan sleep on one
side of us, and Billy Richards on the
other. He is single.

We couldn't attend church service
on account of this quarantine. We assemble
ont an the parade grounds for that.

I have seen Homer Nixon several times
since coming over. He is in the 4th.
Divisional Ammunition Corps.

I had a letter from Sam lately. He has
just got back from Vancouver. He was
over on a pleasure trip. He gets a pass and a year in
the C.P.R. as far as he wants to go. He saw uncle Hugh Dunnan.

Well this is about all the news for this
time. Write soon.

Yours sincerely


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In a later letter, Dave mentions he missed putting in a sheet with this letter.