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May 20/17

Dear Sis:

Your epistle bearing date
of Mar. 28th arrived on the 17th inst.
and the Easter card on Apr. 30th.

Was very glad to get both. Was
beginning to think you had hitched
the letter to Maud and had omitted to
enclose a few giant firecrackers.

Guess I better be careful or "perenez
garde" as Maud is Aunt Mary s' Ladies
Aid, also neighbors collecting corps
cage. (Where prisoners are brought after
or during an advance)

As long as A [Baden?] has a
squirrel to pick up the nuts his
motor transport will be jake.

Am getting suspicious about
the company arriving every time you
start to write to me. If I put out
an advanced post also a
machine gun crew, the company will
come around after you have finished
writing. We must have discipline.

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Some tricky overlapping and faded words