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in Granton towards Church Union,
by trying to get rid of Mr. Robinson.
It is, to say the least, a mean,
small, selfish attitude. How the
church is going to please Almighty
God, and serve man by such an
adherence to factions and dogmas
is more than I can see. When I
am face to face with death, and
I am only one of thousands of us here,
the last thoughts on earth is not
doctrine. Religion does not consist
of Doctrine; it consists of unselfish
service to man, done in the name
of Jesus Christ. If I be on sentry
when my time comes, I want to be
doing my duty with all my heart
and with all my might. Duty is
the watch word, and every man has
a sense of his duty in this world.

I might mention our sing song
in this building on Friday evening.
The most of the sing song was conducted

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