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by Lieut. Glenn. Now Lieut. Glenn
is a Roman Catholic; in fact, he
was studying for the priesthood
when he enlisted. The hymns
were Y.M.C.A hymns, chosen from
the Methodist, Presbytarian and
Episcopalian hymn books. Lieut.
Glenn is a good singer himself and
as a conductor can sure make the
rest of us sing and get the expression
out of the selection. [crossed out word]
I went on Pass to Paris with
a French-Canadian Roman Catholic.
I remember, one evening, we had
quite a religious discussion, and
there was no argument, whatsoever.
We perfectly agreed as to how one
should serve our fellow man; as
to the differences in religious doctrine
which worked towards the same end,
we admitted the differences, as
well as the similarities, passing

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