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France, 16/7/18.

Dear Sister:-

Now, I am just going to get
a few lines written. I have just finished
a letter to Jessie, and have only a few
moments left. I guess you think this an
old excuse. I thought I was going to have
several hours to myself this afternoon &
this evening, the first in about ten days,
but I have thought wrong. The truth is
I'll be on the move with my bundle on
my shoulder before couple of hours and
I have not begun to pack up yet.

Well Nettie, I cannot get a birthday
card here to send you but I send you
the very best wishes. When is Charlie's birthday?

I have been busy lately reading about
June 12: I got Jessie's letter of June 12th,
Bessie's of June 13th, Mabel's of June 15th,
Mabel's & Mothers and yours of June
22nd with you back at the old stand,
with Mabel practising the Anthems and
Charlie teasing her. Jessie will send you

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