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This file contains band correspondence received by Wawanosh chiefs of Chippewas of Sarnia band council Joshua Wawanosh, David Wawanosh and others, 1860 - 1869. Letters address council matters, land claims, the work of the missions and other topics. Correspondents include various missionaries, other chiefs, relatives and representatives of the Department of Indian Affairs. Some letters are in Indigenous language, possibly Anishinaabemowin (also called Ojibwemowin, the Ojibwe/Ojibwa language, or Chippewa).



Kettle Point, 20th Feb 1860 Mr Wa wa nosh, lie de the nue noh mon loh Eulh to ne toh ga

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Greenwood, Franklin Co. [County] Kansas

June 13th/60

[Neje Saupau?]

Sir I now take this opportunity to write a few lines to you in regard to your inquire [inquiry] about [Peetaunuhkwut?]. they ware [two [haan?]] [written above] both Ottawaye. the first one was part French, rather tall with a roman nose, which I think is the man you are inquiring about. I found by inquirering [inquiring] among the Ottaway that the above Peetaunuhkwuk, has or had a brother in that country somewhere, by the name of Peenashe, also a sister. The above Peetaunuhkwut has no children living at present nor no near relatives, in this country. He died about eight years ago. The other Peetaunuhkwut, was a full blooded Indian, rather small in stature, dark complected, no relatives in your country as I could hear. this Peetaunuhkwut has a daughter living. That is all that I can find out about Peetaunuhkwut. We are at present well and doing well our fields looks nice our corn is from two to three feet high. all quiet hear [here] in Kansas, the Indians is going to have a grand council, fifteen diferent [different] tribes together down among the Cherokees, when the council come off I will tell you the results

that is all. take care of yourself

Wm Turner

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P S the old man [written above] Eshtonquit is still confined to his bed. he wants very much to have some one of you to come and see him before he dies


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Sac & Fox Agency Feb. 1st / 61

To my Dear Brotherinlaw Joshua Wawanosh

Sir I take this opportunity to send a few lines to you hoping that this letter will find you all well and doing well. I was exceedingly happy when I received a letter from my sister [Josait?} and also to hear that you was yet all well. But as to myself, I am yet on my sick bed, occasioned from a hurt that I received in Dec. [underlined] 1859. I am perfectly helpless, cannot stand up, nor sit up more than two or three minutes at a time. I do not ever expect to get up again so as to be able to go about. Dear Brother could you not be abl [able] to come out and see me before I die If you cannot come yourself, try and persuad [persuade] some one of my nephews to come out and see me, for I long to see some one of you as I feel lonely since my daughters death. [Pa maun quit o qua?]. [image: handwritten arrow pointing to the right] Mr. Turner [underlined] wife she died on 17 of Jan. 1861.

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