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Sac & Fox Agency Feb. 1st / 61

To my Dear Brotherinlaw
Joshua Wawanosh

Sir I take this opportunity
to send a few lines to you hoping that
this letter will find you all well and doing
well. I was exceedingly happy when I
received a letter from my sister [Josait?}
and also to hear that you was yet all
well. But as to myself, I am yet on
my sick bed, occasioned from a hurt
that I received in Dec. [underlined] 1859. I am perfectly
helpless, cannot stand up, nor sit up more
than two or three minutes at a time.
I do not ever expect to get up again
so as to be able to go about.
Dear Brother could you not be abl [able] to
come out and see me before I die
If you cannot come yourself, try and
persuad [persuade] some one of my nephews
to come out and see me, for I long
to see some one of you as I feel lonely
since my daughters death. [Pa maun quit o qua?].
[image: handwritten arrow pointing to the right] Mr. Turner [underlined] wife she died on 17
of Jan. 1861.

But otherwise we are


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