While some early linguistic surveys (e.g. Schmidt 1919 and even Holmer 1963) treated Yuin as a language name, contemporary linguistic work treats Yuin as the name of a group of languages on the south coast of New South Wales, each of which is considered a distinct language. A recent publication by the Little Yuin Preschool Aboriginal Corporation (2015) uses the term Yuin as a language name, referring to Yuin as a 'sleeping language'. The vocabulary items in the book appear to be Dhurga S53, though it is a very small sample. It is hard to tell whether this use of 'Yuin', then, refers to Dhurga S53, or to all the languages of the Yuin people (e.g. Thawa S52, Djirringany S51, Dharawal S59), or perhaps to a 'new' revival language with vocabulary taken from various Yuin languages. Consequently, Yuin is cautiously included as a language heading in the Thesaurus.
See: https://collection.aiatsis.gov.au/austlang/language/s67

See also: 105918

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