AIATSIS code: E30
AIATSIS reference name: Butchulla
The community preference is to use Butchulla (E30) (Bell, 2004). Holmer describes a close relationship between Batjala (E30) and Kabi Kabi E29 and is unable to define the relationship as dialectal or two separate languages (1983:138). Tindale includes Ngulungbara under this language name (E30) but indicates that they may be a different people (1974:165).
Location: Fraser Island and on the adjacent mainland around Pialba and Mount Bauple (Kite and Wurm 2004). Batjala: Fraser or Great Sandy Island (n. n. Gari); also on the mainland coast south to Noosa Head (Tindale 1974). Ngulungbara: Northern third of Fraser Island, north of Boomerang Hill (Tindale 1974).

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