Hermann Heinrich Vogelsang



Lutheran missionary lay helper stationed at Killalpaninna. Vogelsang was born at Schwenningdorf in the Kingdom of Prussia in 1832 and trained as a youth to be a blacksmith. He arrived in South Australia in 1866. At Killalpaninna Vogelsang (as did other missionaries and lay helpers) recited the daily prayers and Sunday services in Dieri. He ran a blacksmith shop there. According to historian Regina Ganter, Vogelsang was also a homeopathic practitioner. He died in 1913, aged 81 years.
See: Regina Ganter, The Contest for Aboriginal Souls: European Missionary Agendas in Australia, ANU Press, Canberra, 2018.
E. H. Proeve, Three Missionary Pioneers: A Tribute, Point Pass, South Australia, 1946.

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