Krauatungulung. A dialect of GunnaiKurnai. AIATSIS code: S48
AIATSIS reference name: Krauatungalang
According to Clark (2005), Dixon (2002) and the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, this is a dialect of Gunai / Kurnai S68. Gardner (1996:5) and Hercus (1969), however, treat it as the name of a group whose language is Kurnai S68. Howitt (1996 (1904):73) reports that the name Krauatungalung is the name of a clan whose language is called Thangquai, being one of three dialects spoken by the Kurnai S68 people. Walsh (1981) largely follows this analysis, with the exception of using Muk-thang S68 as the cover term as well as one of the dialects, and with the addition of Bidhawal S49 as a fourth dialect. Of Bidawal S49, Howitt (1996 (1904):79-81) comments that it is a mixture of Kurnai S68, Ngarigo S46 and 'Murring' (i.e. a Yuin language). Clark (2011:38-49) analysed the primary and secondary sources of information on the boundaries of Krauatangalung S48 and the neighbouring Birrdhawal S49 language. He concludes that, contrary to Wesson's (1994, 2000, 2002) work, and supportive of Fesl's (1985) and Thompson's (1985) findings, 'the Birrdhawal were land-locked and did not have any coastline as a southern boundary', and that 'the strip of coastal land between the Snowy River and Point Hicks or Wingan Inlet' belonged to the Krauatangalung S48.

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