Lady Rutland



Probably the Duchess of Rutland, there are several candidates:
The wife of John Manners, 8th Earl of Rutland
-Frances Montagu c.1613-1671 whose recipe for Banbury Cake was published in many cookbooks

One of the wives of John Manners 1st Duke of Rutland and 9th Earl of Rutland (1638-1711)
- Anne Pierrepont 1631-c.1697 (they divorced in 1666 and Manners remarried in 1671)
- Diana Bruce d. 1672
- Catherine Wriothesley Noel d. 1733

It is less likely but also possible that Lady Rutland is one of the wives of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland, who succeeded his father in 1711:
- Catherine Russell d. 1711
- Lucy Sherard

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