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Orange, Orange County, Tex. Apr 16/87

Miss Kate McFarland
Esteemed Friend

Your most kind
and welcome letter of the thirteenth came to hand yesterday
and I assure you it was highly appreciated
and I am now seated to reply to it. Well to commence
with I will tell you what a nice time I had at church
today the Parson preached in in the country today
so I had to ride out by my self but I went home
with a young Lady and took dinner with her, and after
bidding her good by I returned home so as to have ample
time to write you a good long letter which I hope will
be as highly appreciated as yours are. I hope you
do not think that I am just writing to you to gain
information for Mr. W.W. I thought you had a better
opinion of me than that. I should feel very sorry if I
thought you did really think so which I dont believe
you do. as Mr. Ws friends all live near you I thought
I would ask you to put in a few words sometimes so as I
could write him a cheerful letter and as you are all the
correspondent htat I have in that section I don't think
you ought to think hard of it at all. You can tell that
Miss Kyle that she should not judge good looks for me if
she calls that Picture of mine hansome [handsome]. I want you to
fulfill your promis [promise] now by sending me your Photo you
must be sure and do so I have no Album but if you
will send my your picture I will send off and get one for
yours I have never bought one since you won mine from me

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