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the whites and, as efficient. I
am very sorry cousin Charley
has been dethroned from P. M.
possibly the people thought his ap-
proaching marriage would so detract
his mind as to unfit him for the
duties, for the old saying you know
"Love, like the measles", etc. Extend
to them my congratulations and wishes
for a long life of ease, prosperity and
blessings. You spoke of his being an
old bach; perhaps if he has a
good wife he thinks he is paid
for waiting. if not he has long
enough to live with her. But in
regard to ^your new^ P.M. I dont understand
the Dems certainly didn't want
him and if his friends didn't, how
did he get the appointment? Please
explain to your [numbskull?] of a
cousin. In N.Y. a man has to
receive the support of nearly a
majority of the people before he
would think of trying for the posi
tion. consequently, although he may
not please all, yet he is usually
a person of some esteem in the

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