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community. I hope your P.M.
will give you no trouble with your
[mail?], but such low characters one
does not feel like trusting them.

This week Mamma received a
letter from Julia [North?] and as
it contained some items I thought
would interest you. I will rewrite.
She stated that her grandfather
Russell, or our great grandfather,
was drum major through the
whole of the Revolutionary war.
Towards the close of his life he
married a woman whom she does
not speak very highly of, though
she says our great grandmother
was a very nice lady, as all said.
I judged from that that great
grandfather was twice married.
He was very fine looking, somewhat
intemperate, and a trifle too stern.
He and his wife are both buried
at Cornwall, [illegible].

Oh! cousin Robert. I wish to ask
your advice, or opinion, whichever you

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