McFarland-Russell Letter, August 2, 1887 - Page 2




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[Missouria?] you was in bad health
What seems to be the matter
if it is a heart or Liver com
plaint I have a reciept perhaps
good I feel like it would be
very beneficial I will write
it off and if you do not make
it out let me know I have it
pasted in my scrap book.

[Missouria?] was up a week agao
Miss Mary [illegible] was out to see
me sunday. she is just the same
only a little older, if you can
I wish you could come up to see
me I would be delighted the weat-
her will soon get cooler. [illegible] said
you said you were ot able to write
now that is all stuf for you would
have written if it was 82 Bob-
would ^have^ know now if I had
any news to write I would write
a splendid letter but it is the
same dul old place just like

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