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North carolina
[ineligeable] In the name of god amen [ineligeable]
[ineligeable] of the country and [ineligeable] [ineligeable]being
[ineligeable] that it is appointed for all people once to [ineligeable]
and being at this present time of [ineligeable] and is pAAING [ineligeable]
[ineligeable] do make this my fast will and [ineligeable] in the [ineligeable]
hang is [ineligeable] [ineligeable]and [ineligeable]arms by any [ineligeable], after
they become. [ineligeable] [ineligeable] to my [ineligeable] cathrine chamberlin
my bed and [ineligeable] that [ineligeable] on two [ineligeable] [ineligeable]two
[ineligeable] and my [waiting?] desk [ineligeable] case of two [ineligeable] bottles to her
and to her [ineligeable][all?] them [ineligeable] to my [grand?] daughter
Lucy chamberline one [ineligeable] [ineligeable] two [ineligeable] [them]? [ineligeable] to
[obey?] grand son jeremiah chamberline [gen?], [them?] [ineligeable]
to my grand son Daniel [ineligeable], my [ineligeable][ineligeable],[ineligeable]
[ineligeable] and the furniture there to [ineligeable]. two [Loringire?] [ineligeable]
[Diah?] [them?] [ineligeable] to my grandson jeremiah [ineligeable] two and their [ineligeable]to him and his [ineligeable] [ineligeable] [ineligeable]to my
grandson William [ineligeable] two [ineligeable] and their [ineligeable] to him
and his [heir?], [ineligeable] [ineligeable] to any grand daughtr [ineligeable]
[ineligeable] [ineligeable] [ineligeable] [ineligeable] to her and her [ineligeable] [ineligeable] to
my grandson [ineligeable] [wanton?] two [ineligeable] and theit [ineligeable] to him
and his heir [ineligeable] [ineligeable]to my grandson james [ineligeable]
two [ineligeable] and their [ineligeable] to him and his [ineligeable] them [ineligeable]
my grand daughter Courtney Chamberline one [loringer?] and
[ineligeable] to her and her [ineligeable] [ineligeable] [ineligeable] to my granddaughter
[ineligeable] Chamberline [ineligeable] [ineligeable] plates and there [ paringers?]
[ineligeable][ineligeable] to my daughter cathrine chamberline my [ineligeable]
and all the [ineligeable] of my [ineligeable] [ineligeable] to my daughterr cathrine chambnerline [ineligeable][ineligeable][ineligeable][ineligeable][ineligeable][ineligeable]
[ineligeable] [ineligeable]

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