Letter from Edwin S, Buck to his sister, Jane

Written from Chappell Hill, Texas, by Edwin S. Buck, to his sister, Jane, in Pontiac, Michigan; mentions several family members and local residents.

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Chappel Hill Feb 4th 1850

Dear Sister Jane, I have no good excuse to offer to you for my long negligence in writing to you more than for the last year I have been very much pressed with business indeed I have had no time for writing to any of my friends or relations. I can only promise that in future to make amends for my past negligence I will be more communicative and I am sure you will hear from me more frequently than you have in times past. It is so long since you have seen me that I know you are anxious to know something about what I have been doing. Well dear sister I will tell you. To commence with I suppose I look very much as I did when you saw me last more than six years ago. Only that six years has made me look a little older. And the case of six years buffeting with who would may have changed my contenance from the wild boy which I used to be the thoughtful expressions of a man. When I returned to Texas it was my intention to go back again to California, but mother and sister Mary Emeline being here then convinced me to remain in this country. I listed the climate [tch] very much and concluded to settle her, I am merchandising in this village, sister Mary lives 12 miles from here, on a plantation. Sr Emeline whom you knew had married again lives here and mother lives with her. I am boarding with her. I am building a house near here and shall live in it as soon as it is finished. I was married on the 20 th of December last to one of the best and most amiable girls I ever saw and I only wish you coudl see how happy we are together, we are boarding with sister Emeline, but shall

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... My wife Mary is leaning on my shoulder and sais my love to Sister Jane. write again soon

Your Affectionate Brother Edwin S Buck

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