[Letter from Miss LaFontaine]


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March 26 90

Mrs Paul Dahlgren

Dear Madam

With your permission I would like to add your Carol -- "Christmas Memories" to a collection of choice Hymns and Carols on Christmas under th title of "Songs of Christmas"

Also solicit your Carol

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[unclear] I am not tresspassing so much on your kindly nature and that I may receive a favorable reply. am Yours much Respt

Miss La Fotaine 18 W. 51st St New York

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title.officialtitle: [Letter from Miss LaFontaine]

title.addedtitle: "Songs for Christmas"

date: 2007-08-02

language: eng

description: Handwritten letter from A La Fontaine to Mrs. Paul Dahlgren, asking permission to print Dahlgren's songs in a collection called "Songs of Christmas."

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subject.KWD: songs

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format: text

identifier: 1978-146.10a

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