July 11 - 16, 1864




11th July 1864 Cutting oats here
dry & hot weather at this time
nearly finished cutting first sewing
oats. sent [unclear] this day to plow
at old Place

12th Halled up oats first cut &
all wheat here put up 1 stack
& put wheat in house
the 9th july let Plantation negroes
have midling meat see
how long it will last

14th Let Henry have 1 midling
to see how long it will last
him & his gang. —

15 Plowing & working corn &
our tobacco Sewed black
peas on new ground & white
ones in fresh ground on road
Hilled up cotton potatoes & tobacco
Halled up our wheat & [unclear] of oats
Very dry weather no rain since
this 1st June to wet the ground

16 Very dry & hot corn suffering
very much. Plowing & hilling
up our tobacco

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"midling": middling meat is pork or bacon; salt pork