July 21, 1864 - July 26, 1864




1864 July 21st Finished laying by
corn to day Hilling up tobacco
too Halling & stacking oats
Fine rain here yesterday notanyat plantation

22 Stacking oats

23 Finished stacking oats at Aspen
Grove to day put 17th stacks there
in all, government to have there [sic] part
Here we stacked 7 stacks besides
the Government [unclear] here,
not done cutting got to cut on Creek
Halling up wheat at plantation
not done there the wheat.

26th I have rode 2 1/2 days hunting
beeves for Government went to WmB L V.
yesterday Saml. Stones [unclear] Fannie
Wm John etc for Beaver[?], cutting &
hewing logs for hen house
Halling them up this morning
no rain yet Dry & cool weather
& looks very badly & all
vegetables dryed up
Settled with old man Hagood & Mrs
Blanks about salt. Wrote for Wm
[unclear] Vaughan Yrday begin m$3[?]

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