July 18, 1855 - August 5, 1855




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Jacob started to Meadsville to
to School, Weather dry & Hot, we laid by
our Corn about this time Plowing & Hilling
up Our Tobacco Henry has been sick nearly
a week & several of Our family – nearly
got every thing clean about this time

say 26th Fine Rain yesterday. I was at Mrs McC.
settling withem them went to Court House
last week & got my accts settled by Comm
& it took nearly 12 Hours
Halled up Our Oats this week, turn
Out very well 5 stacks at mountain &
nearly 5 at stony pint worked out our
Branch Tobacco Potatoes Cotton etc etc this
week fine weather about this time,

Plowing & Hilling up Tobacco at stony
Killed Lamb etc etc at this time

28th Fine shower Rain this evening
Finished Hilling up Tobacco at Stony
Hilling up fresh ground & lot
& Plowing it,– fine weather Mrs
etc etc here to day

30 Henry & Jordan Hewing sills for Corn house
balance hilling up Lot by stable, Sandy Plowed
at Mr Neals ps up this day cleaned out
Ice house hot dry weather –

31– Hilling up our new ground
Henry gone to Lynchg for Capt Stephen
I find myself he gives me $8–
for the hhds If it weighs over 1200 lbs
grows he is to pay 3/9 a hundred four all
over, carried a parcel for one of capt
clements negroes
to pay 3/9 pr 100 lbs

5 Two or Three Showers of Rain the Past
week & a fine Rain to day, choped in Corn
got timbers for Corn house etc top our
Tobacco yesterday – Henry got back Thursday

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Mrs Wooding might be Elizabeth [nee Crews] Wooding, married to Thomas Wooding. Their home, Meadow Wood, is between Chalk Level and Mt Airy. Her niece, Virginia Lewis Crews, would grow up to marry Fannie's son.
Stephen Clement was a cousin of Charles Clement (husband of Lucy Ann Hunt, Nannie's sister).


I think that Fran is correct. I looked through a family tree that I think is accurate and it appears that Thomas William and Elizabeth (Crews) Wooding's children all married later than this or appeared to have moved away. Mind you, I have never really wrapped my brain around all of those families. If this is Elizabeth, she would have been my great great grandmother. Hopefully she will visit another time and bring a couple of kids with her.


We're related! Virginia Crews Fitzgerald is my great grandmother.


Fran -- that's quite interesting, especially since my wife and I bought (and I still own) a home built for a Hiram Crews from Scottsburg who, around 1850, went to Richmond College and then became pastor of Bethel Baptist west of Midlothian. He married a local Huguenot girl. They later returned to Halifax So. And, hi Cuz.