Thursday, December 9, 1920




A cloudy morning.
The trees was covered
with ice that is all gone
to night. Jim is in
Chatham we think. Ben worked
on Henrys bycicle then split
a little wood. Went rabbit
hunting late this evening.
Did not kill any thing.
I have bin busy all day.
I got breakfast, milked the
cows, cut up two pumpkins,
put them on to cook, cleaned a
hogs face, put that and haslet
on to cook then got dinner
then churned, put on some
spar ribs to boil, watered the
calf, changed the water that
chidlins was in. By that time
my hogs face was done. Picked
the bones out and made scrapple.
Took up my pumpkin and
washed up the things that I
used. Brought in some wood.
Went to the spring twice.
Josie got supper. Mrs. Car and
Josie washed dishes.

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