Monday, March 20, 1922




A cloudy morning. Colde and
windy tonight. Ben put the wire
a round the flower garden.
Josie and I hope to enjoy planting
things in the garden. I put a quilt
together and Josie put one together
and made a lineing. Josie got
dinner. Mrs Car washed dishes
and churned. We put a quilt
in the frames. All of us quilted
a square. Ben quilted a few
lines. Jim come home this
evening. Nellie went to see
Carrie today. I am glad
that she did. I want to see
her so bad but I cant go.
Josie has bin pent today.
Henry & Edna went to
school today.

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Completed transcription. Edited per standard. Proofread.


I have changed 'pert' to 'pent' which is mentioned in other entries about Josie's sickness. Does it mean 'constipated' perhaps?