Sunday, March 25, 1923




A beautiful day. We
all staid at home until
after dinner except Henry.
Lawson Emmerson and Henry
went on the mountain.
They carried a snack to eat
with them. Carrie and family
come to Lee Brumfields.
Brough my [hand pocket?].
Ben went for it. He
let the children and I go
with him. We did not
get out of the car.
Henry went to bed
with the headache.
Nellie has bin company
today. Kate Harvey
went to see Pearl
today the first time that
she has bin out since
she was so sick.
Jim went off this
evening had has not
come home yet. Hope
he will come soon.

Notes and Questions

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There are only a few mountains in that part of the state. I would guess that "the mountain" refers to White Oak Mountain.