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The prose life of Alexander



20 Alexander worships Jehovah.

ships not wyse I my3te conquere Assye, I saw hym slepand) in swilk

Priest but habite & in swylke araye ; and he lete as he sett no^te by me,

this 'be- ^^^ went baldely furthe bi me. And for I see nane* in swilke

cause of a arraye bot hym, I suppose it be he f)at I saw in my slepe. 4

mising him And J^are-fore I trowe f)at thurgh f»e helpe of Godd' I salt

quesTof ouerconi) Daryus, ]?e kyng of Perse, and his grete pryde fordo.

Darius. And aft thynge5 f)at I caste in my hert fo[r] to do, it es my futt

triste ])at thurgh his helpe I satt fulfill it, and wele bryng 8

it to endl And bis es be cause I wirchipped hym.' And He goes . . . .

into Solo- when) he hadd" said' thies wordes, he went in-to fe citee

ple'and^"^" ^^^^ ^^® bischope & ]?e preste^, and went in-to f>e temple j^at

sacrifices. SalamofD made. And as ]>q bischope teched' hym) he offred?i2

shows him sacrafice vn-to Godd?. And J^e bischope tuke Alexander in

phecy of l^^nde a buke of ]?e prophicye of Daniel *, in f)e whilke he

Daniel. fande wretyn), Jjat a mafD of Grece sulde distruy f)e powere

Leaf 7. of Perse ^. And Alexander was reghte gladde, supposynge ]?at 16

it was hym-selfe. And ]?an) he gaffe }5e bischoppe & ]?e oj^er

preste3 grete gyfte^ & riche & precyous, And badd" J^e bischope

The Bishop ashe of hyw what so he walde. And the bischope askede

asksthat^^ fat he walde giffe J^am) leue to vse )?e same lawes J^at j^aire 20

the laws of faderes vsed" bifore }?am), and he graunted* it. And J^afi) pe

fathers bischoppe askede j^at^ walde giffe ]?6 lewes ]>at ware in

fixSit^ed^ Medee & in Babyloyne, leue for to vse J)aire lawes, & he graunted'

hym ]?at & atl 6\>er thyngej ]:)at he walde aske. 24

Alexander * Alexander than) went fra lerusaXem., & lefte thare Andromac

the rest of his Messag^re, and hym selfe & his Oste went to ]^e oJ?er cite^

Judaea. -^^^ ware in ])e lande of ludee, and at ilke a citee ]?at he come

Darius to, he was wirchipfully ressayuedl In ])q mene tyme fe 28

fugitive Surryens "pat fledd? fra Alexander, went to Perse, and" talde Jje

Syrians as emperowr Daritts how Alexander hadd" done to J)am). And

kind of Dariits spirred' thaym) of his stature & of his schappe, and J^ay

ander was', schewed? hym pwrtrayed" in a parchemyn) skynn) )?e ymage of 32

They show Alexander. And alsone als Daritts sawe it, he dispysed"

parchment Alexander bycause of his littiH: stature, and be-lyfe he gerte

^ MS. see nane twice over : ' see nana, ture which is lacking. A square is roughly

gee nane.' drawn out, and in the squai-e the words

^ A more open handwriting begins most * hie incipit ' scribbled. Beside the minia-

clearly after Perse. ture in the margin is written ' rex equi-

^ Supply he between \>at and walde. tans.^

* Eleven half lines space for a minia-

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Alexander and the ambassadors of Darius,

Does Alexan- der dream of subduing the rich Empire of Persia. He ad- vises him to return home again or he will send a force to hang him as a thief on a gibbet.

Ipat 'jpou. hase vnnethes whare wit ])on may sustene thi caytyfde corse. Wene^ pou, than), to brynge viider thi subieccion) the empyre of Dariws. I say the by my Fader saule, ])at in the rewme of Perse pare es so grete plente of golde, pat, & it were 4 gadirde to gedir on a hepe, It schulde passe pe clerenes of pe son). Whare-fore we commande the, and straitely enioyne5 the, pat pou. leue thi fole pride and thi vayne glory, & tourne hame agayne to Macedoyne. And if po\i witt no5te soo, we salt sende 8 to pe a multitude of men) of arme^ swilke ane saw pou. neu^r, pe whilke salt take pe, and hynge pe hye ofi) a gebett as a traytottr and a msijster of theefe^ : and nojte as pe son of Philippe.' The messen- ^ When) be messang^rs bat were sent fra Dariws come to la

gers deliver \ ^ -i ■, no t i i iiu,

Alexander the king Alexander, pay galie hym the lettres, and pe bane & oper leUer? His certane lapes, J^at pe emiperour sent hym in scorne. And knights, hear- Alexander tuke be le^^res, and gert rede it openly by-fore alle

ing it read, are i a i i i i

astounded and men), and Alexander knyghtes when pay herde pe tenour of pe 16 oast down. le^^res ware gretly astonayde and wonder heuy. And when) Alexander sawe J?afrD so heuy by cause of pe lettre, he saide vn- to J^am : * a a, my worthy knyghtis,' quop he, ' are ^e fered" for pe prowde wordej pat are contened in Daritts le^^res, wate 3e 20 noghte wele ]^at hunde^, pat berkes * mekill, bytej men) noghte so sone, als doej hundes pat comme^ one men) we^-outten berkynge. We trewe wele pe lettre says sothe of some thynge5, f)at es to ^ saye, of pe grete plentee of golde, pat Dariws sals he 24 hase. And parefore late vs manly feghte wit hym and we salt hafe pat golde. For J^e grete multitude of his golde, als me thynke, schulde gare vs be balde and hardy for to fighte wit hym manly.' 28

When Alexander had' saide thir word 65 he bade his knyghtis take the messangers of Dariits and bynd^ Jjaire hande^ bi-hynde ]:)am), & lede ]:?am) furthe to the galowes, & hynge ]?am). And psij tuke pe messangers & baude J)am), and began for to lede 32 Jjam furthe to pe galowes-warde, and )?an) pe messengers bigan) for to crye rewfuUy vntitt Alexander & sayd?: ' A, A wirchipfutt lorde & kyng'e ', quop fay, ' whate hafe we trespaste, pat we schatt be hau?igede for oure kynges dedis '. And J^afD kyng 36 Alexander ansuerd": ' f»e worde^ of ^our Emperowr', quop he, * gers me do ]?is, J^at sent 50W vn-to me, as vnto a theeffe, as pe

* Leaf 8. Alexander consoles his men with the hope that what

Darius says of the wealth of Persia may be true, and he ex- horts them to fight for it man- fully.

He bids his knights bind the messengers and lead them forth to be hanged. They lead them forth thus, but the mes- sengers beg for mercy. Alexander tells them why he

^ Five half lines space with a miniature W.

to in margin of MS.

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Letter of Alexander to Darius. 23

>e<a-e whilke 5e broghte witnesse; ' : * A, A lorde ', qu6\> bay, will hang

. them.

•oure emperoiir sent ^ thus to 50U : for 5owr powere & 50^?* They pro-

myghte was unknawwen vn-titt hym. Bot we be-seke 50W late^ ^ake^^

4 vs gaa, and we schatt mak aknaweiD vntitt hym ^our grete known to

glory, 5o^tr ryaltee, & ^owr noblaye. Alexan-

pafi) kyng Alexander badd" his knyghtis lowse J?am), and character

bryng J>am) in-tilt his hautte, to J»e mete. And thare he made King Alex-

8 ]?am) a grete feste & a ryatt. And as J^ay satt at the mete, ]?ir ^^ them

messang(?rs saide vn titt Alexander, ' lorde,' qud\> }>ay, ' if it ^^^^ tlciem.

be plesynge to jowr bye maiestee sende^ with vs a thowsand meat.

of doghty mefD of armes, and we satt delyuer f)am) J»e posTto^*'"

12 Emp^roi^r Daritts,' and Alexander ansuerde a^ayne & said"^ Alexander ^. .„ , that they

* Sittes stitte', qwoJ> he, *& makes 30W mery. For I tett should de-

30W in certayne, for f)e betrayinge of '^our kynge, I witt rius^into' noghte graunt 50W a knyghte wzt 50W '. Apon Jje morne, ^^^^ hands. 16 Alexander gart write a l^^^re vn-to Darit^s, whareoffe f>e tenowr fully re- was this. j^^*' ^*-

^e letter of ^lexantiere^

■* ' Alexander, the son) of Philippe & of qwene Olympias, vn-to Alexander, Dariit5, kyng of ]?e land" J^at schynes ^ wit j^e godde^ of Perse, minds Darius 10 we seiide. If we graythely & sothefastly be-halde oure selfe oftheunstead-

l£tStJll6SS Ot

Ipare es na thynge \>ai we here hafe })at we may bi righte catte earthly ours, bot att it es lent vs for a tyme. For atte we J^at ere ^^^ ' whirlede aboute wit J^e whele of fortune, now ere we broghte high degree

24 fra reches in-to pouerte : now fra myrthe & ioy in-to Sorowe & S°^^^ scorn

^ ^ ^ J those lower,

heuynesse ; and agaynwarde5 : and now fra heghte, we are for he never

plungede in-to lawnesse. pare-fore f)are schulde na man) ]^at es the wheel of

sett in hye degre triste to mekitt in his hyenesse, that, thurgh J'^^^*^"^® ™^y

25 pride & vayne glorye, he schulde despyse ]?e dedis of oj^er men)

lesse * f)an he. For he wate neuer how sone J^e whele of for- * Leafs bk. tune may twrne abowte, and caste hym doune to lawe degree, Jjat sitte^ hye on)-lofte : and rayse hym to hye wirchipe and 32 grete noblaye ]?at bifore was pore and in lawe degree. Therefore Da- And barefore the aughte to thynke grete schame, bat swilke "'i^^ should be

^ ^ J & > r ashamed that

a worthy emperowr as mefD halde5 the, schulde sende swylke he, a great

^ sent in margin of MS. the letter.

^ & said in margin. * Five half lines with miniature A.

^ The rubric is wrongly placed in the ^ schynes in margin of MS. MS. after Oignyte^^ p. 24, i. e. at the end of

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The war begins.

man, behaves so to Alexan- der, a little man.

The Undying Gods do not associate with men that die.

Alexander conies as a mortal man to fight Darius. Even if Darius overcome Alexander he shall win no- thing by it, for he is but a little man and a thief.

Darius's boasts of the Persians of old have heartened them to attack the Empire. The play baU that was sent was also a forecast of his rule over the world. The other toys like- wise fore- tell his rule over all men. By the same, Darius has sent tri- bute to Alexander.

The letter is taken to Darius. He then

marches on Persia.

* Leaf 9.

Darius, re- ceiving

a message vnto me so littill a man) and so pore. For \>om ert euen lyke to ]?e sonne, as thi selfe says, sittande in |?e trone of Nitas wit ]?e godde^ of Perse. Bot goddej Jjat euermare are liffaunde & neueimare dye^, deyne3 no^te for to hnfe ]>e fela- 4 chipe of dedely men). Sekerly I am a dedely man) ; and to J^e I come as to a dedely man, for to feghte wit the. Bot f)ou J^at arte so grete & so gloryous & calle5 thi selfe vmledely, pou salt Wynne na thynge of me, if atte J>ou hafe )?e oue?'hande of me. 8 For {70U hase ouercommen) bot a littitt mafD, and a theeffe ^ als \>o\x sayse. And if I hafe jje ou^rhande ouer the, It satt be to me ]?e gretteste wirchipe pat eu^re byfett me, for als mekitt als I salt hafe J?e victorye of j^e worthieste emperowr of J^e werlde. Bot 12 f>are \)0m saide, ):at, in f>e rewme of Perse, es so grete plentee of golde, J?ou hase scharpede oure herti^, and made mare balde for to feghte with the, & for to wynne f)at golde; for to relefe oure pouerte wit-all:, & putte awaye our nede whilke 16 '^ow. says we hafe. In ]:»at also, '\)ai ]?ou sent vs a hande-balle and 6]>er barne-laykaynes, J^ou prophicyed ri^te, and betakend' bi-fore, thynges J^at we trewe, thurgh godde5 helpe, sail fatte vn-titt vs. By J^e rowndenes of ]?e batte, we vnderstande 20 all the werld" aboute vs, ]?e whilke salt fatle vnder oure subiec- ciofD. Bi f>e tane of ]?e laykanes "^ai Ipou sent vs, f>e whilke es made of wande5 and cruke5 donwarde^ at J?e ouerend", we vnder- stand Ipat alt Ipe kynges of ])e werlde, and alt Ipe grete lordej, 24 salt lowte titt vs. Bi pe toper laykan), Ipat es of golde, and hase apon it, as it ware, a manne^ hede, we vnderstande pat we salt hafe pe victorye of alt men) and neuer be ouercommen). And J^ou pat ert so grete & so myghty hase now onwarde^ sent 28 vs trybute, in als mekelt als pou sent vs a handbatte, and f>ir oper thynges Jjat I rehersed by-fore, the whilke co?itene5 in J>aTfi) so grete dignyte5.'

^ AVhen) Jjis le^^re was wreten), Alexander called' till pe mes- 32 sangers of pe Emperowr of Perse, and gafife J^am) riche gyites and betuke J^am pe lettre, and badd' ):»am) here it to J?aire lorde. And Jjan) Alexander sembled" his Oste, and by-gafD for to wende towarde Perse. When the messang^rs of Perse come to pe 36 emperowr pa,j talde hyw of pe grete ryaltee of kyng Alexan- der * and tuke hym the letters J^at Alexander sent hym). And

^ Four half lines space with miniature W.

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Darius lurltes to his Satraps.


J?e empero^^r garte rede J^am). And when he herd? J^ain) redde he was wonder wrathe, and sent a \eUvQ belyue vn-tilt twa grete lorde^ that hadd? J^e gouernance of f)e empire vnder hym 4 sayand" to J?am on this wiese.

^ ' Dariws kyng of kynges and lorde of lordes vntitt on re trewe legej Vr'imua & Antyochus, gretynge and ioy. We here tett J'at Alexander, Philippe sonwe of Macedoyne, es so heghe raysede in 8 pryde, J^at he es rebette agaynes vs, & es commen) in-titt Asye, and hase distroyed? it vtterly. And ^itt hym thynke no5te this ynoghe, hot he p^*rpose5 hym for to come nere vs, and do \)e, same titt oJ?erre cuntre^ of oure empire as he hase done tytt

12 Asye. Whare-fore we comande 5owe o payne of '^our legeance, Jjat ^e semble ]pe grete mefD & J)e worthy of oure empyre, wit d\>er of our trewe lege^ ; and, in ati f)e haste ])ai 50 may, gase & counters jone childe, takand? hym, and bryiigand? hym bi-fore

16 oure presence, ]?at we may lasche hym wele, als a wanton) childe schulde be : and clethe hym in p^6rpoure ; & so send* hym titt his moder Olympias wele chastyede. For it seme5 no^te to be a feghter : but for to vse childe gammej.

20 ^Thire twa lordes Primtts and Antyochus, when J»ay hadde redde this \eUve of J^e empero^^r, J^ay wrate agayne vntilt him on this wyse. 'Vn-to Darius, kyng of kyngej, grete godd', Primws & Antiochus, seruyce f)at j^ay kan) do. To "^our heghe

24 maieste we make it aknawefi), Jjat \>e childe Alexandere, whilke 56 speke off, hase all vtterly distroyed" 50'wr cuntree. And we sembled? a grete multytude of folke, and faughte wit hym ; bot he hase discomfit vs, and we were fayne for to flee. For un-

28 uethe myghte any of vs wynne awaye wit J^e lyfe. pare-fore we ]?at 5e say ere helpers vnto ^owe, beseke^ ^Qur hye maiestee that 5e send" sum) socoure titt vs "^our trewe leges.' When) T)axms hadde redde f>is le^^re, '^are come d>xi6\)er messanger

32 tilt hym and talde hym f>at Alexander and his Oste hadelugede J?am appon the water of Strum e. And when) Darii^s herd? Jjat he wrate ano]:er le^^re vntitt Alexander, of whilke J>is was J>e tenoi^r.

36 ^ ' Dariiis, kyng of kynges, and lorde of lorde5, vn-titt oure s^ruande Alexander. Thorowte att J^e werlde f>e name of

Alexan- der's letter, writes to liis two great lords,

telling them of Alexan- der's bold- ness and bidding them take him prison- er so that Darius may whip him as a

naughty child and send him home to his mother.

Primus and Anti- ochusreply, telling of their utter defeat at the hands of Alexan- der and begging for help.

Darius is told of the camping of Alexander on the river Strume.

Darius writes again to

^ Space for four lines.

^ Miniature and M space for four lines.

^ Four half lines and space with a minia- ture D, with king's head within.

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Darius writes again to Alexander.

Alexander telling him to retire before his vengeance fall upon him.

* Leaf 9 bk.

He sends him also a token of the num- ber of his own people.

Darius es praysecT & comwendedl Oure godde^ also base it wreten) in thaire bukes. How than) durste Ipou be so balde, for to passe so many waters, and see^, Mountaynes & cragge^, for to werraye agaynes oure royatte maiestee. A grete wircbip) 4 me thynke it * ware to Ipe, if pou myghte mawgre oures, hafe in possessioufD pe kyngdome of Macedoyne att anely, wit-owtten mare. Thare-fore the es better amend" Ipe of thi mysededis, fan we take swilke wreke appofD the, 'pat oper men) take bisne pare- 8 by, sen) atte J^e erthe wit-owtten oure lordchipe, may be callede wedowe. Torne agayne pare-iore, we consaile pe, in-io thyn) awenn) cuntree, are oure wrethe and oure wreke fatte apon) pe. Neuer-|:e-lesse, pat oure wirchippe & oure grete noblaye 13 be sumwhate knawen) to pe, we sende the a malefutt of chesebotte sede, in takennyng pare-oi. Luke if pou may nombir & tette alt J^ir chesseboHe sede^, & if pon do ]?att J>an) may pe folke of oure oste be nowmerdl And if ]?ou 16 may no3te do J^at oure folke may no^te be nowmerd?. pare- for tu7-nee bame agayne in-to J)i cuntree and lefe Jji foly ]:>at pou. base bygun), and take na mare apofD pe swilke a presumpcion, for I tett pe we haffe men) of armes wit-oute 20 nowmmere '.

^WhefD pe Messangers of Dariws come titt Alexander, J)ay tuk hym pe lettre and pe malefutt of chessebotle sede^. Alexander J^an) gerte rede pe letter. And sythen) he putt 24 his hand" in pe male, and tuke of pe chessebotte sede5 & putt in his mouthe, & chewed' it, & said", ' I see wele ', quop he, ' ])at he base many men), bot f>ay are rijte softe as this sede^ are '. In pe mene tyme pare come a Messanger tilt Alexander fra 28 Altho' cast Macedoyne : and talde hym J)at his Moder Olympias was grefe seke. And [when] Alexander herd" J^is, he was wonder heuy. Neuer pe lesse, he wrate vn to Dari^ts a le^^re, fat spakke on) this wyse. 32

' ^ Alexander pe son) of Philippe & of qwene Olympias vn-to Dariws kynge of Perse, we sende. We do pe wele to wiete fat we hafe herde certane tythynge^, whilke gers vs agayne^ oure will: do fat we now satt saye. Bot trow f ou no5te fat we 36 for fere or dowte of thi pWde and f i vayne glorye turne hame agayne now titt oure awenn) cuntre, Bot att anely for to vesett ^ Four lines space with miniature W. ^ Three lines space.

They bring Alexander the letter. But he finds another meaning for the tokens. He hears of the heavy sickness of his mother.

down by the news he writes a letter to Darius. He tells him that for other reasons he is forced unwilling- ly to re- turn, but bids him not put it

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The Persians defeated in three days battle. 27

oure Moder Olympias, wliilke lygges grefe seke. Bot wete fou j^?^^ *«

wele, wtt in schorte tyiii), we schati: haste vs agayne, w^t a grete vainglory

nowmere of fresche knyghtis. And ri3te als )?ou sent vs a He^s^an

4 malefutt of chessebolle sedes ; so we sende be here a littitt pep^r. come again

. , • T -la "With a

For Jjou schiilde witte J)at ri^te as ]?e scharpenes of f)is nttitl fresh host.

pep^r passej J?e multitude of \)q chessebolte sedej, ri5te so f>e sends him

Crete multitude of be Persyenes salt be ouer-comen) wit a fewe i^ return a

8 knyghtis of Macedoyne. pepper.

^ This le^^re be-kende Alexander to be knyghtis of Daritts, ^^ dis-

^ patches

\>e peper also, & bad" Jjami here ]?am) to J?e emp^rottr. And Darius's

he gaffe J>am) grete gyftes and riche, and sent J?am) furthe. back^wfth^^

1 a And ]?aii) he tt^rnede * agayne wit his Oste towarde Macedoyne. ^^^^ letter.

Thare was f)e same tyme a wonder wyse man) of werre f>e ^u^or^a^ '

whilke highte Amorca,. and he was prynce-werres in Araby, tries to

and lay )?are wit a grete multitude of mefD in awayte of Alexander.

1 6 Alexander & his Oste. And when) he herde tett of J»e commyng

of Alexander, he redied" hyw for to kepe hym. And when) ]:>ay They

mett, )?ay faught to-geder aft })e daye fra fe morne tiH J?e euen). three*

And so f)ay dide att J^ase thre deyes. And f)are was so mekitt whole days

30 folke dede in f>at bataile, f)at \>e, sone wexe eclipte &, wit-drewe grew dark

his lighte, vggande for to see so mekitt scheddynge of blude. ^ekigThf '

Bot at laste be Percyenes ware so thikke-falde felled' to be number of

• A T-iiiT nil-, t^® slain.

grounde, J^at J^aire prynce Amorca tttrned? pe bakke & iledtf, So many of

24 and vnnethe^ myghte wynn) awaye, and a fewe wit hym. \i^^^ ^'qtq

So hastyly fledd' Amorca, ]:»at he come nerehand' alsone to slain that

Dari-ws, as his messag^rs did? ]>ai come fra Alexam^^r, and fand" Amorca

Dariw5 haldand" ]>& lettve in his hande, \>ai Alexander sent hym), ^^^ *° ^®®'

28 and spirrande what Alexander did? wit pe cliessbolle sedej. quickly to

And Ipe messangers ansuerd' & said' : ' He tuke of pe chessbotte h^fmrnd ^*

sedej ', quop J^ay, ' and chewed' of f)am), & saidl I see wele,' quop ^i"^ ^^ad-

he, ' Jjat Darius base many men), bot J?ay are wonder softe ' ; ander's let-

32 And than Dsnius tuk of pe peper, J)at Alexander sent, and ^^rius

putt in his mouthe and chewed' it. And when he felide pe sighs at

strenghe of it, and pe grete hete, he syghede sare, and saide : ness of the

' Alexawc^er knyghtis ', quop he,- ' are bot fewe, bot and J?ay be p®pp®^*

36 als strange in ]:>am) selfe, as ]?is pep^r es in it selfe, pa,j salt fynde nane in J)is werlde fat may agaynestande Jjam).' And J>an ansuerde Amorca & saide, 'Forsothe, lorde', quop he, 'je ^ Five lines space with miniature A.

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Alexan- der's hu- mility and courtesy to his fallen foes.

His further march.

Alexander sacrifices to the Sun in Phrygia.

* Leaf lo bk.

Alexander answers a flatterer,he had rather be a wise man's dis- ciple than have the praises of Achilles.






The citi- zens of Abandria shut their gates against him. But

The return; second campaign against Persia.

say sothe, Alexander base few knyglitis, bot f)ay ere strange, }?at base slaen) my knygbtis pat ware so many, so ]?at^ vnnetbe^ raygbte I escbappe owte of ]?aire bande^.' Alexanc/er, if atte'^ be bade f)e victorye of bis enemys, be bare bym neuer 4 j^e biere ]?ar«-fore, ne empridede bym no5te Ipare-of. Bot batbe P^rcyenej & tbe Macedoyns ])at ware slaen), be gert brynge to beryetl. And fail) be come wit bis Oste in-to Cecitl, wbare many Citej submyt J?am) vfD-titt bym, and of tbat rewme, 8 "pare went wit bym) : xvij. M. fegbtynge men). And fra tbetbyn) be come tilt Ysaury, Ipe wbilke, wit-owtten) any agayne standynge, was 5olden vntitt bym. And Alexander went vp apoiD Ipe Mounte T&urus, and fande "pare a citee )?at men) callede 12 Persypolis, and tbare be tuk wit bym a certane of men) of Armes, and went so tburgb Asye, and wan) many Cite^. And so be come i^i-to Frigy, and went in-to pe temple of pe son), and tbare be made sacrafyce to pe son). Fra tbetbyn), be come 16 to a reuere, pat es called? Stamandra, and J?are be said' titt bis men. 'Blyste mote je be',* quop be, 'pat base getyn) pe comendacions & pe praysynge^ of pe gude doctc^tr Homerws', and ane of bis men) ansuerde & said", ' Mi lorde kyng ', quop 20 be, ' Me thynke I may sanely writte ma praysynge^, & lonynge^ of tbe, J?an) Homeius did of ]:'am) pat distruyede pe Citee of Trayane. For pou. base done in J?! tyme ma wircbipfutt tbynge3, J?an) euer did? J?ay.' And Alexander [ansuerd,] & said", 24 ' Me ware leuer,' quop be, ' be a wyse manes disciple J?an for to bafe pe lonynge^ of Acbille5.' After tbis be remouede w^t bis Oste into Macedoyne, & fande bis Modir Olympias wele couerd' of bir sekenes, and suggottrnede J>are wit ber a wbile. 28 And than) be ordeyned bym) for to wende agayne into Persy, And keste bym for to logge at a Citee, pat men) calle^ AbandryafD. Tbe men) of pe Citee, wben) ))ay berde telle of bis commynge, pa-j sperede pe 3ates of pe Citee, and wacbede pe citee 32 one ilke a syde. And wben) Alexander saw J)at, be went & assaillede pe Citee. And pe burge^ of pe Citee, wben) paj sawe pat pe citee was no^te strange ynogbe of pe selfe, for to agaynstande pe assawte of f)aire enemys, J)ay criede tilt 36 Alexander & saide : 'Kyng Alexanc^er,' quop fay, 'we spered?

^ ' Jiat ' almost blotted out by stain in MS.

^ ' alle ' almost blotted out by same stain as above.

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Alexander denounces the oracle of Apollo. 29

no^te J?e 3ates of [the] citee to J)at entent for to agaynestande fearing

the, Bot allanly for ]?e drede of Dariws, kyng of Perse, }?e tell him

whilke as it was tolde titt vs, es pt^rpossede for to send" his ^^^ ^^^

4 men) hedir, for to destruye vs & oure citee.' And J^an) Aleyiander so to with-

said' vnto f»aTn) agayfi). ' life ^e will, Q\ud\) he, ' ])ai we distruy rius. And

50W noghte, opene5 5owr 3ates, and when) I hafe made an ende thefr*S;e3 wit Dari-ws, J?an) satt I come agayne, & speke wzt 30we.' And

8 )?an) Jte Cita^enes opened" J^e 5ates. Fra thethen) ]?ay went to Comnoliche. And fra thethyn) to Bihoy, and so to Caldiple.

Syne jr'ay come ^ titt a grete reuere, whare PAe^ander Oste hadd" Alexan-

grete defaute of vetatts, and ]?an) his knyghtis murnede gretely knigj^ts

12 and said", 'Oure horses/ qwof) J^ay, ' faylej vs ay mare & mare/ J^^l^Jf*^

KlQuander ansuerd", & said", ' A A, my doghty knyghtis,' <\uo]> horses are

he, * }>at ^itt heder-towarde^ hase in werrej suffred' many them.^

peritts & mekitt disesse, ere 39 nowe in despeyre of y^ur hele Alexander


16 for f)e failynge of '^our horsey, Satt we no^te gete horse3 ynowe, them to and we lyffe & hafe qwert, and if we dye we salt hafe na nede the erTd.^ of horse, na J^ay may do us na prophete. Haste we vs J>ar«-fore in alt )?at we maye to Jje place whare ^ we salt gete horse5 wit-

20 owtten) nowmer, and vetaitls also, bathe for oure selfe & for oure horse3.' Wheii) he hadd" alt saide, J>ay went furthe and come tilt a place ]>at es called Luctus, J^at es to saye wepynge,* ^ whar Jjay * Leaf u. fande vetails ynoghe, and mete ynoghe for }?aire horse. Fra

24 thethyn) J?ay remoued' & come till a place \)at hatt Trigagantes, and J)are ]?ay luged" J^am). And Alexander went in-to a temple of Apollo ; whare als he aghteled" to hafe made Sacrafice, and hafe hadd ansuere of that godd? of certane thynges J^at he walde Alexander

28 hafe aschede. Bot a woman ]?at hi3te 5acora, whilke was preste answer of of J^at temple, talde Alexanc?er J)at f)an) was no3te fe tyme of ^F^^^\, ansuere. On J^e Morne Alexander come to Ipe temple & made him Her- his sacrafice. And Apollo said? tilt Alexander, ' Hercules/

33 quop he. And Alexander ansuered", & said!, * Now J)at Ipou. calle3 me Hercules,' quo]) he : 'I see wele Ipat alt thyn) ansuers ere false.' Fra thethyn Alexander went till a citee J^at es called* Alexander Thebea, and said vn-to ]>e folke of Ipe citee : * Sende5 me furthe/ the The-

36 quo]) he, * foure hundreth knyghtis, wele armed", for to wend wit beans to

^ MS. went crossed through by the scribe, ^ On leaf ii a more regular, orderly, and

and replaced by come in MS. itself. distinctive handwriting begins in the MS.

^ whare corrected from pare in MS.

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Alexander destroys the Theheans.

send him help. But they, re- fusing, shut their gates.

Alexander jeers at them.

He sends lour thou- sand arch- ers to shoot down the watches on the wall, two hun- dred

miners to mine the walls, a hundred to burn down the gates, and four hundred engineers to batter the walls in. Him- self with the rest lay by to help them when necessary.

The story of Cicesterus and His- mon.

* Leaf 1 1 bk.

Alexander refuses mercy to the city, and rases it to the earth. Clitoma- rus, one of the citizens, fares away with the conque- rors.

The The- beans ask

vs in suppoellyiig of vs.' And when) pe Thebeans herd' thir worde5, J?ay spere J Ipe 3ates of ])e citee, for to agayne-stande Alexander, and went to J>e walle^, and cried' lowde J'at Alexander myghte here : ' Alexander,' quo]) J?ay, * bot if [f>ou] gaa hethyn) fra vs, we 4 salt do the a velany, & thi knyghtis also.' When Alexander herde this, he smyled'& saide : * ^e Thebeeiis,' quop he, * fat ere so mekiti: prayseJ & commended' of strenghe, Spere ^e ^our 5ates & saise ^e witt feghte wit me ; Ipare es na doghety man) of arme5 8 J^at couete3 for to haue wirchip) and loos ; J^at wilt close hym) witin walles, bot fightes wit his enemys manly in Ipe felde.' When) he hadd' saide thir worde3, he bad J^at foure thowsandej archers sulde gaa abowte J?e citee wit f)aire bowes, & lay apoiD 12 }?am) wit arowes f)at stode apofi) Ipe walle3. And he bad two hundreth men) of armes ga to J^e walles, and myne )?am) doune, and a Imndrethe he bad take fyrebrandej, & gaa to Ipe jates & brynwe p&mi. And he ordeynde dper foure hundreth men), 16 for to bett doun) Ipe walles wit Sewes of werre, Engynes and Gonnes & olper maner of Instrumente3 of werre. And hym selfe, and Ipe remenant of 'pe oste lay nere J^am) to socour psM when) J>ay hadd' nede. And belyfe fra ]:>ay hadd* gyffen) assawte to pe 20 citee, pe 3ates ware brynt, & mekitt folke was slayne wztin pe citee, Sum) w^t arowes, sum) wit stanes of Engynes ; pe Fire also by-gan) for to sett in house3 wit-in pe citee, & rayse a grete lowe. In pe Oste of Alexander was, f>e same tyme, a man) pe 24 whilke highte Cicesterus, a grete enemy to pe citee. He, when) he sawe pe citee bryne, made righte mery.* Bot a man) of the citee pat highte HismofD, when) he saw his cuntree ]?usgates be distruyed, come and felie one knees be-fore Alexander, and 28 bigan) for to synge a sange of Musyke & of murnyge wit an Instrument of Musike, Supposyng pare-hj for to drawe Alexan- ders herte to Mercy, & styrre hym to hafe rewthe on J^e citee. Alexander be-helde hym, & sayde : * Maister,' quop he, * whare- 32 to synge3 pon me J^is sange V ' A A lorde,' quop Hismon, ' to luke jife I my3te styrre J^i herte to hafe mercy ofD pe citee.' And J^an) Alexander was wonder wrathe, and bad dynge pe walles of pe cetee doufD to pe harde erthe. And when) pa.j had so done 36 pa,j remoued? & went j^aire way, and ane of pe worthieste men) of pe citee, pe whilke hyghte Clitomarus, went wit )?ain) in company. Bot pe Thebeens pat ware lefte aftire pe birnynge

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