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The prose life of Alexander




Alexander speaks vjlth the Holy Trees.

They see the Phoenix. They come to the holy trees of the svm and the moon. The old man tells him to look np and think and the Spirit of the Trees shall an- swer his thought. These trees were high. The leaves of the sun tree golden red, of the moon tree shining white. Alexander would sac- rifice to these trees but may not. The sun tree speaks in Indian or Greek, the moon tree begins in Greek and ends in the language of India. He gets his answer. He shall win the world but never see home again.

* Leaf 40.

Twenty months

and Ipc tayle was ownwded' ouerthwert, wit a colour reede as rose & wit blewe. And his fethers ware ri^te faire schynandl When) Alexander saw Ipis fewle he was gretely meruailled' of Ipe faired' of hym; J^an) saide pe Aide man) : ' Alexander,' quolp 4 he, * j^is ilke fewle )?at Ipon here seese es a fenix.' And ]:)an) pay went forper thurgli pe forsaid? wodd', And come to thiese haly tree5 of pe son) & pe mone J^at growed? in mydde^ of pe wodde. And ]?an) pe aide man) saide titt Alexander : ' Luke vp,' 8 quop he, ' to 5one haly tree5, and thynke in thi hert what preuatee so pe liste, and po\x salt hafe a trewe ansuere. Bot luke f)at ]5ou speke na worde in opyn). And fare-by salt pou witt fat it es a gude spiritt, pat knawes thi thoghte.' Thir 12 twa tree^ were wonder hye. And pe tree of pe Son) had' leues lyk fyne golde, reed & faire schynande. And pe tree of pe mone had lefes whitt als sylu^r & faire schynande. And fan) walde Alexander hafe Offrede Sacrafyce to fir tree^. Bot 16 f e aide mafD walde no^te suffre hym), bot said": ' It es no^te leuefult,' quop he, ' in f is haly place, nowf er to offre encense, ne to slaa na beste^, Bot to knele doun) to f e boles of fir tree^ & kysse fain) & pray f e son) & f e mone to giffe trew ansuers.' ao And fan Alexander spirred' f e aide man), in what langage f e tree^ sulde giffe faire answers. And f e aide mafD ansuerd' & said?: ' The tree of f e Son/ quop he, ' answers owf er att in f e langage of Inde or elts of grewe. And f e tree of f e Mone 24 begynne^ wit pe langage of grewe & ende^ wzt f e langage of Inde.* And as fay stode fus spekande, Sudaynly fare come a bryghte heme fra fe weste fat schane ouer att fe wodde. And fan) Alexander kneled" doufi), and kyssede f e tree^ an 28 thoght fus in his hert: 'Satt I conquere att fe werlde, and efterwarde^ wit pe victorye wende hame to Macedoyne titt my moder Olympias, and my sisters 1 And * fan) f e tree of f e son) ansuerd" softly in f e langage of Inde, And said fir verse5 : 32

' Tu dominatorwm orbis dommus simul et pater extas, Set patruTw rignum ^ per tewipora nulla videbis ; '

fat es at say, ' f ou ert bathe lorde & fader of atte f e werlde, Bot f e Rewme of thy Fadyrs satt f ou neuer see wit thyn) eghne.' 36 pan) bygan) Alexander to thynke how lange he sulde lyffe,

* Sic in MS.

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Having heard the ansiuers he iveeps and goes bach. 95

and whate dedd" he sulde dye. And Ipe tree of Ipe Mone shall he

jn I, u • i. ^ ^ _ . live and his

ansuerd' by }?ir twa verse^ : Mend shall

'Anno corapleto vines & mensibits octo, poison him.

4 De quo confidis tibi mortis pocula dabit.'

pat es at saye, 'A twluemonthe & aughte monethes salt Ipou. lyffe. And J^afD he Jjat poii traiste5 oiD, satt giffe f>ee a drynke of dedd".' pafD bi-gaiD Alexander to thynke in his hert on) J)is wyse, 8 ' Tell me now, h% trhe,

Wha he es Ipat sail slda mee.'

And fan) j^e tree of f)e sofD ansuerd' by fir twa verse^ :

' Si tibi pandatwr vir qui tua facta resoluet, 12 Ilium confrynges &sic mea carmina fallent.'

pat es at say : ' And I schew the pe manes name, fat satt vndo Did he thi dedis, Ipou. witt slaa hyin), and so satt my prophycye fayle.' ^j^^ man^ And ban) be forsaide aid man) sayd' titt Alexander : ' Disese i^ame, he

1 . . 1 1 would try

1 6 na mare pir trees, quop he, ' w^t thyne askynges. Bot tourne to undo the we agayne, as we come hedir.' And fan) Alexander & his twa The'okr^^ prynces wit hyni towrned* agayne wit f e aide mafD. And ay as ^^^n bids he went, he wepea bitterly, bi-cause of his schorte tyme ; and incommode

2o his prynce5 also weped ri^te sare. Bot he commanded? fain) fat * ® *^®^^' fay schulde no5te tette to na man) of his Oste fat that fay hadd* away^weep- herde & sene. And when) fay ware comen) to f e forsaide Palace i^g- f e aide [man] said" vn-titt Alexander : ' Torne bakke agayne,' mands his

2^ quoth he, 'for it es no5te leefutt to na mafD to passe forthire. telino^^^

If f e liste wende toward" f e weste, f ou satt no^te trauette futt ^a^-

lange are f ou come to f e place, whare f e liste to bee.' And man bids

when) f e aide man) had said* fir worde^, he went in-to f e palace jj^ck^and

28 and Alexander and his twa prynces went doun) by f e forsaide travel to , 1 r\ , the "west.

gree5 ^ come to f e Uste.

^ Apon f e morne Alexam^er & his Oste remowed'f eine & went Alexander

agayneward? fyftene days. And come agayne to f e forsaid" fifJeSi"^^

33 playne & fare fay luged fain). And fare at f e entree of fa days and

twa forsaid" ways, Alexaric^er gart rayse vp twa pelers of Marble, up two

and by-twixe f am) he haude a table of golde, on f e whilke was ^u^rs^

wretyn in f e langage of grewe, hebrew, of latyne, and of Inde, between

36 one this wyse : ' I, Alexander, Phillipp) son) of Macedoyne, table of

^ Four lines with red capital A.

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King Alexander and Queen Candaee. The story of Candeolus. 97

Amon) 5oure godcT a CorofD of golde and precyouse stanes, And sacrifice ten) chynes ^ of golde sett futt of precious stanes. And vn-to Neverthe- 50W we sende a hundrethe Besaunte; of golde ; And twa ^^^^• 4 hundretb papeiayes closed" in cage^ * of golde, c childer of ^^^^ Ethipes, cc apes, cccc Olyphantis, xxxiiii vnycornes, iij panters sends him

_ _ -ITT 1 prGSGHtS

skynne^, of parde^ & lyounes cccc, and we beseke 5owre bye a crown of

niaieste IpSii 56 witt notyfye vn-titt vs bi ^our wircbipfutt lettres, l^^^dred

8 wheder ^e baue conquered? alte ]>e werlde and made it subiecte bezants,

vn-to 50W or no^te.' Araangej ber embassatoitrs ]^at scbo sent children,

titt Alexander J^ow-e was a wonder crafty & a sutett payntoi/re. o^gg^range

And bym scbo cbarged? bat be' scbulde besely by-balde Alexander beasts.

, . . 11 • 1 • These gifts

12 & pitrtray bis fygure m a parcbemyn) skynfD and brynge it to hir. she sends

And so be did". Alexawc?er ressayued" Ipe forsaid" gyftes reuerently ^^o^g^J^o^^

and sent bir noble efyftes ae-avne wit bir embassatoz^rs. And portray

Alexander wben) f>ay come bame ])e payntoitr tuke bir Ipe fegure of Alexander on a parch-

16 purtrayed" as I saide be-fore. And wben) pe quene saw it, Scbo ^^^ ^^ ^^'

was ri^te gladde, for scbo desyred? gretly for to see bis fygure. was done.

^ After J^is ane of pe quene sonn^s J^at bigbt Candeokts went Candeolus

furtbe of J^e Citee wit bis wyfe and a fevve of bis men3€e for to f^e^g^^y ^

20 take be sporte. And onane be kyng of be Bebrikes, kuawyng with his

. wife and a

J?e fairehed? of Candeolws wyfe, come appon) )?ani) witb a grete few for

m-wltitude of mefD, and slew many of Candeolws men3ee and ^^^jfe

refte bym bis wyfe & went bis way. And j^an) Candeol2^s: and ^^^s know-

24 bis men) J^at ware lefte on lyfe went titt Alexander Oste for to wife's

be-seke bym of belpe agaynes pe kynge of Bebrikes. And pe comes^and

wacbes of pe oste tuke Candeolws & brogbte bym bi-fore reaves her

Tbolome-ws, j^at was pe secund' person) after Alexander. And deolus

28 Tbolomeits spirred" bym w^bat be was, & wbat be did" ]:>are. ^^^^^^d" ' I am,' quop be, ' quene Candaee son) and jpis day als I went is brought wit my wyfe & a p?'€uee men5ee for to take pe sporte, pe kynge He pro- of be Bebrikes come apon) vs wit a ejrete m-wltitude of men) and ^^^^J^^ ^^^

J ir & he IS and

32 base slayne many of my men^ee & refte me mj wyfe. And his errand. pare-fore I am comen) beder for to beseke my lord?, pe Emp^rcwr,

of belpe & socoure.' Wben Tbolomei^s bad berd? )?is onane Ptolemy

be garte take kepe of Candeoli^s & went titt Alex^nJer tentis ^^^ander

36 and wakkned" AlexaWer & talde bym & talde ilk a dele bat and

Candeol^^s bad talde bym. And wben) Alexawc?er badd? berde him.

^ Chenes first written ; but when the and joined it to the next letter, scribe had written e he wrote y over it ^ Four lines with red capital A.

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Alexander s stratagem with Candeolus.

Alexander bids Pto- * Leaf 41 bk.

lemyputon a crown as though he were Alex-' ander and let him send for Antiochus, and Alex- ander will come as Antiochvts and ask counsel of Alexander as though he were Antiochus. Ptolemy does as Alexander bids him. Alexander then coun- sels that the king should be command- ed to de- liver up Candeolus' wife that night or other- wise de- stroy his city,

Candeolus thanks Alexander as though he were Antiochus. Alexander does as he counsels and with a great force calls on the king to deliver back Can- deolus' wife or else they will burn

liis tale he badcT liym gange agayne titt his tent and do a corouiD oil) his hede and putt apon) hyiiD ]?e kyngej clothynge, * and sett hyni in the kyngej trone & say vn-to Candeolus pat he was kyng Alexander. ' And bidd an of thi men),' 4. quop he, ' feche vn-to f)e Antyochus, And late hym bryng me to J)e insteeddr of Antyochus, and whefi) I come bi-for thee telle me bi-fore Candeoh^s* aH ]:>at he talde the. And aske me consett, als I ware Antyochus, what es beste to do in fat mater/ 8 Tholomews went and didd? alt als Alexander badd' hym. And he asched' Alexander in stedd" of Antyochus be-fore Candeolus what was beste to do. And Alexander ansuerd" & sayde on lierand? Candeolws: '' Wirchipfutt 'Emperour,' quo]) he, ' if it be 12 plesynge to '^our maiestee I wilt go wit Candeolus J?is same nyghte to Ipe kynge of J?e Bebrikes, and comande hym one ^our byhalue j^at he ^elde Candeolt«5 his wyfe agayne. And if he wilt no^te do soo, I satt late hym, witt J^at ^e salt sende a grete 16 powere to his Citee & bryne it vp stikke & stourre.' When Candeolws hadd' herde hym say J^us, he knelyd? vn-titt hym & said? : ' A a, wirchipfutt Antyochus,' qudp he, ' wele walde it seme pe for to be a kyng for pe liye witt and pe manhede J^at es 20 in the.' Than) kyng Alexander tuke wit hym a grete powere and went apon) Ipe same nyghte wit C-dndeolus vn-to J^e Citee, whare fe kyng of J^e Bebrikes lay. And whan) J^ay come to Ipe citee, pe waytes cryed? apon) J)ain), and askede what f)ay ware. 24 And Alexander ansuerd'& sayd': * Candeolz^s,' quop he, 'es here wit ane Oste of mefD, and pe cause of his commynge es to be restorede agayne of his wyfe pe wliilke ^our kynge raueste away fro hym) }?is same day. And my lord? kyng Alexander com- 28 mande3 50W pat 30 delyuer hir anone, or sewrely we salt brynne this citee & ^our selfe are we passe hethyn).' And when) ])e men) of pe citee herde this, J^ay ware ferde ynoghe ^ and onane went to pe kynge^ palace & brakke vp pe ^ates, & tuke Candeolws 32 wyfe & delyuerd? hir titt hir lorde. pan) Candeolws kneled" doun) till Alexander & saide vn-titt hyr/i : ' A a, my dere frende,' quop he, 'wirchipfult Antyochws, Blyssed mot pou be for )?is grete gudnes pat pou. base schewed? mee. And I beseke the nowe pat 36

^ The scribe has written Antyochus in- stead of Candeolus, then scratched it out, and written Candeolus again.

2 The scribe has first written ynghe and inserted the above.

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Alexander and Queen Candace. 99

hovL will vouche-saffe for to wende with me vn-to my moder quene ^^^^ city.

-• . "^ The citizens

Candace, pat scho may reAvarde pe for ]?is pat ])ou base done for revolt and

me/ And when) Alexander herde this he was ri3te gladde. For Aeolus' w5e.

4 he had gretely desyrede for to see quene Candace & hir citee also. Candeolus

And J?an he sayd": ' Goo we,' quo]) he, ' to j^e emperottr and asche ander again as

hym leue.' And Jjay did' soo ; and when) he had leue, he went i^^j^es hiin to

wit Candeoli<5. And as bay went to-gedir bay come titt ^ heffhe come to his

i-in-.-, -, -m mother's city.

8 mountaynes]?at rechedvpto J^e clowdesand apon)f>am pare grower At this Alex- trees of a wonderfutt heghte lyke * vn-to ^ cedres p&t bare appitts * -Leaf 42. of Inde ri^te grete, Of pe whilk Alexander wonwderde hym for he had gretly. pay saw also fare vynes growe w^t w^ondere grete fj^s^^^'olf^^n^'^ 12 bobbis of grapes ; for a man) my3te vnnethe^ here an) of }?ani). Candace and pare ware also trees pat bare nutte; als grete als gourdde^. askleaVeofthe And bare ware also many apes. Fra beine bay went & come Emperor

^ ./ jr r r fj as it were.

to pe citee of quene Candace. He goes with

16 And when) Candace herd tett pat hir son) Candeolus and They come to

his wyfe ware comande and ware safe & sounde, And at i^ountams

•^ 'that reach

a messangere of kyng Alexarider come wit pam), scho was np to the sky,

T , T , T , -1-1 1 • 11 with wondrous

wonder gladde; and onane scho arayed? hir ryally as a tall trees and

20 quene suld be, and sett apofD hir hedde a croun) futt ryche vmeswith

-^ -^ "^ great bunches

att of golde sett fult of pr^cyouse stanes, and went furthe of grapes and

wit hir lordes to J^e ^ates of hir palace, for to mete hir son) gourds and

Candeok^s and Alexander messanser. This quene was a won- ^lany apes

^ '■ ^ were there.

24 derefaire lady & a semely; And when) Alexander saw hir, hjm They come to

thoghte als he hade sene his moder Olympias. Hir palace was comes arrayed

wonder ryatle & pr^cyouse and att be ruffe bar^-of schane wit *^ ^^^t them

■'-' as a queen.

golde & precyouse stanes. Than) quene Candace tuke Alexander she is of

28 bi J^e hande, And ledd hym vp tilt hir chambir, whare ]?are f^Ther palace

ware beddes arayed? wit pe fyneste clathes of golde J?at myghte ^^ ^^ch,

be getyfi); And pat chambir was of golde & precyous stanes, to her privy

pe whilke are called Onychyns & pe burde; & pe bynkes of l£''^onderfu?

32 euour & Smaragde5 & Amatistes. pe Pelers of pe Palace ware works of art. alt of Marble, And ]:>ar ware grauen) in psiufi cartes of werre, pat semed" to mannes sighte as psij hadd' bene rynnand"; And Ob^phauntes tredand" men) vnder faire fete. Vndernethe J>at 36 Palace rane a water wonder swete, & clere as any cristatte.

1 The scribe first wrote ' a?i heghe', but />e cedres. On leaf 42 it continues li/ke then scratched out the an. vn-to cedres.


On leaf 41 we have the words lyke to


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Queen Candace confronts Alexander.

The next day she goes alone with Alex- ander to her with- drawing room, which lies beyond her bedroom. Her with- drawing room is moved on wheels by elephants. Alexander utters his wonder.

* Leaf 42 b]£.

Queen Candace addresses him by name. Alex- ander's fear.

She shows him his portrait. Alexander fears again.

She rails at him that he, the conqueror of the world, is fallen into a woman's hands.

Alexander is angered. She rails at him further.

pat day Alexander ete wit quene Candace & hir cliildire. * ApoiD fe morne quene Candace tuk Alexander by Ipe riglit hande & ledJhym in-titt hir beddT-charabir, and nane wit J^anD, Bot pay twa allan). pis chambir was couerde aft oner wit-in 4 wit golde & precious stanes. And it schane w^t-in, as it had bene ])e sonne. And oute of J^is chambir scho ledd? hym in-titt a wit-drawyng chambir made of cypresse. pis chambir was sett apon) foure wheles by crafte of clergy ; And twenty xx^i Oly- 8 phauntis drewe it whedir as scho wolde hafe it. And when) Alexander & pe quene ware entrede in-to p&t chambir, onane it stirredd" & by-gau for to remowe. And J^an) Alexander was astonayde & meruaylled' hym) gretly & said vn-to J>e 12 quene : ' For sothe,' quop he, ' & j^ir meruaitts ware in oure cuntree J?ay ware ri3te commendable & mekitl worthy * to be praysede.' The quene answerde : ' pou saise sothe, Alexander,' quop scho, * pay ware mare commendable amange^ pe Greke^, 16 J^an) amange^ vs.' And also sone als Alexander herde hys name be neuenede, he was gretly trubblede, and his vesage bi-gaiD to waxe pale, and his chere to change. And than the quene said efte vn-to hym: 'Alexander/ qudp she, * for to schewe 20 pe mare verrayly pat pou ert Alexander, coin) with me.' And f)an) scho tuk hym) by pe hande & leedde hym in-titt snaoper chambir, and schewed? hym }?are his awenn) Fygure pwrtrayed' in a parchemyfD skyne. And when) Alexa7ider saw f>at, he wex 24 pale & wanne & bigan^ie to tremblee. And f)aii) J^e quene said vn-tiK hym : ' Alexander,* quop scho, ' where-fore ert J^ou ferde, & why chaunge5 pow chere. Thou Jjat base distroyed' alt pe werlde ; conquerot^r of Perse, of Inde, of Mede, and many oper 28 rewmes & lande5, Now arte J^ou w^'towtten) scheddynge of blode fallefD in pe dawngere & in pe hande5 of quene Candace vnauysyli. And pare-hj may pou wele kwawe f)at a manes hert sulde on na wyse be enhanced" in pride. For if alt it bee pat ofte tymmes 32 grete prosperitee fatt to man), Sodaynly falle^ adversitee tilt hym when) he teste wenes.' When) Alexander herde Jjis he bigan) to grayste w^t pe teethe and to torne his hede hedir & thedir. And quene Candace saide vn-tilt hym) : ' Whare to 36 angers pan pe,' quop scho, ' & truble^ thi selfe 1 What may now thi grete Impmatt glory, thi witt & thi mighte serue

^ Four lines with red capital A.


J Of




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Queen Candace and Candeolus save Alexander. 101

the offe^' Alexander aiisuerde & said": ' Forsothe ', quo]) Alexander

Alexander, ' resonably I am angry at my selfe bi-cause I hafe himself.

na swerde here/ Quo]) pe quene : ' I suppose j^ou hadd a ^ sword he^

4 swerde, nowe, what walde do pare-wit 1 ' * Sothely/ quo]) he, would slay

' bi-cause I hafe wilfully betrayed? ray-selfe vu'-to J)e. First for it.

I solde sla )?e and ]^an), I dowte it no3t, I sulde be slayne for J)e.' ^^^^°^'

* Now for sothe,' quo]) scho, ' j^is was wisely & man)fully sayde. him, there-

8 Neu€r-)3e-less be nathynge heuy. For as J?ou delyuerde my ^^ids him

son) wyfe Candeolws oute of J^e daungere of ])e kyng of Bebrikes ^^^ ^®^^'

Swaa satt I delyuer the oute of J>e daungere of thyfD enemys he helped

li6i* soli sh©

|?at ])o\i base here. For I say pe in certayne, and it ware ^ill deliver

13 knawen) J>at ])0\i ware here vn-to my men^ee, onane )?ay walde him from

slaa pe by-cause ])0U slewe Porws Ipe kynge of Inde. For my son who is

son) wyfe Carator was his doughter.' And when) scho had ju.iaw.

said Jjis, Scho tuk Alexander bi ]?e hande & ledd" hym forthe ^^® intro-

i6 in-titt hir forchambire and said" vntitt hir sones : 'My dere Alexander

soTines,' quo]) scho, ' I pr<xy 50W late vs make J?is knyghte of j^jg ^^^^

Alexa7ic?^r gude chere, and schew hym) att be humanytee bat knights,

*= ' "^ '^ r 1 • Antiochus.

we cafD. For Alexander has schewed? vs grete frendchipe

20 and grete gudnesse.' And pan) hir ^ongeste ansuerde & said":

' Moder/ * quo]) he, 'sothe it es ]?at he es a messangere of * Leaf 43

Alexan^Zers, & a knyghte of his, and j^at he delyuerde my brof)^r er^son^^'^^"

wyfe of be handed of be kyneje of be Bebrikes and bro^hte hym would slay

1.1 ■ ■> f r 1 ^T 1 him for his

24 & hir hame vn-titi vs bathe safe & sownde. JNeue?--pe-lesse my wife's sake,

wyfe constreyne5 me for to do Antyochus to dede bi-cause of pe ^iS^^nder

dede of hir Fadir Forus, whilke Alexa72c?^r slewe, So J^at

Alexawc?er may hafe sorow for his knyghte. Quo]) quene

28 Candace )?an) : ' Lefe sofD, what wirchip) may we get pare-o&e

if we slaa tliis knyghte J^us traytourusly.' And JpafD Candeolus Candeolus

sayde wit a grete Ire, ' pis knyghte,' quop he, ' saued? me & my f^^^^ Alex-"

wyfe & broghte vs hedir safe & sonde : And als saffe satt I hafe f^der with

. . his own

32 hym, agayne titt his lorde, or I salt be dede paref ore.' And life.

Carator ansuerde & saide : * BroJ?er,' quo]) he, ' what says pou. 1

witt ])ou pat ay there of vs here slaa opeQ' V 'In gud fay the

brojj^r,' quop he, 'it es nojte my witt, ne my liste. Neu^r-

36 ]?e-lesse if it be thi liste, I am redy, rather [jan) Jjis knyghte be

dedde.' And when) be quene saw bat hir serines walde ayther Candace

1 1 niAT 7 appeals to

of l^am) slaa oper, scho was wonder sary, and tuk Alexander on) Alexander

syde, and saide vn-titt hyw preualy : ' A, a, kyng Alexander,^ sons^from^

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10.2 Alexander's stratagem and 2^arting. The cave of the Gods.

combat by his wit, so that either slay not other. Alexander promises to do so. Alexander offers to betray Alexander to Carator.



Queen Candace parts from Alexander with many gifts.

* Leaf 43 bk.

Alexander and Can- deolus come to a cave. Alexander, sacrificing, goes in. He sees a great god sittingwith eyes like stars. The god greets him.

qudp scho, ' whi wilt f»ou no^te schewe thi witt, and helpe thurgti thi wisdom) )?at my sonnes slaa ii05t ayther of f)am) o\)er 1 ' And Alexander answerde and said": * Late me goo speke wit J>am/ quolp he. And echo lete hym goo. And 4 he went to J)ani) and sayde vn-to Carator : * For sothe, Carator,' quo]) he, ' I late J^e wite pat if ]:»ou slaa me, J>ou salt wynne bot lyttitt wirchipe Ipareoffe. For I say J^e, kyng Alexander hase many worthyer knyghtis wit hym ]?an) I am) ; And pare-iove he s witt hafe littilt sorowe for my dede. Trowes pon f>at and Alexander hadd" lufed me wele pat he walde hafe sent me hyder to be killed" amange^ 5owe. Bot if ):ou witt )?at I beken) the Alexander pe slaere of J'i wyfe fader & bryng hyw bi-for the, 12 Swere me f)at what so I asche pe, pon satt graunte mee it, And I sure pe bi pe faythe of my body, I satt bryng Alexander in-to J)is palace be-fore pe.' And when) Carator herde this, he was ri5te glade, and trowed f>at that Alexander saidl And so ware 16 pe twa brej^^r pesede, And highte Alexander f)at his askynge sulde be fulfilled' als ferforthe als p&he powere reched', if so ware pat he helde couenant. pan) queue Candace leedd Alexander on syde & sayd'vn-titt hym in preuatee : 'Wele ware me,' quop scho, 20 ' myghte I ilke day hafe pe present be-fore myn) eghne as I hafe myn) awenii) childere. For thurgh the sulde I ouercome att myn) Enemys.' And f)an) [scho] gaffe Alexander a coroun) of golde sett futt of precyous dyamande5, and a mantitt Imperiatt 24 of a clathe of golde * wit sternes wofen pare-\i^, and sett futt of pr^cyouse stanes. And ]^an) scho kyssed' hym & oj^dr preuee thynge^ didd" titt hym, And badde hyw goo in hir blyssynge.

^ Than kyng Alexander and Candeolus went furthe att that 28 daye. And come titt a grete speluyic, and J?are f)ay herberde J^am). And Candeolus saide titt Alexander : ' In this spelu^ic/ quop hee, ' J^at you here see^ att godde^ ere wount for to ete and halde ]?aire consaitt.' And })an) onane Alexander made sacra- 32 {jce'^ titt his godde^ and enterde in-to pe caue by hym ane. And ]?are he sawe a myrke clowde, & in ]:>at myrknesse, he sawe as it ware bryghte sternes, and amange5 J?ase sternes he saw a grete godd'sitt, And his eghne lyke twa lanternes. And when) 36 Alexander saw hym) he was so fered" pat he was as it hadd? bene


^ Red capital T in four lines space and small t in margin.

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The prophecies. Strange beasts. 103

in a transynge. And )?an) Ipe godcT said vn-to hyni) : ' Haile, Alexander,' quo]) he. And Alexander ansaerde & said': ' Lorde,'

qiwp he, Svhat art f)ou ? ' 'I am,' quo]) he, ' Senson)chosis Sensoncho-

4 pat gouerne; J^e kyngdoirD of pe werlde and pat hase made men) ^^J'^P''*^'^®^

sugett^s vn-to the. And |?ou hafe higgeJ ]:>iselfe many ryatle andcr's

citee^. Bot temple walde po\i nane make in pe wirchippe of of him.

me.' And Alexander ansuerd' & saidT : ' Lorde,' quop he, ' & pou shears to^

8 wilt graunt me Jjat I salt wit prosperitee come in-to Macedoyne ^^^^^ ^^^.

I satt ordeyne the a temple pare salt no5te be swilke anoj^er Macedonia.

in alt pQ werlde/ And he ansuerd" agayne & saide : 'For teifghimhe

sotlie,' quop hee, ' Macedoyne satt pan ueuer see w^t thyn) ^^^}^ never 12 eghne. Neuer-J^e-lesse walke Innermare & luke what pou. see^.

Alexander J^an) went forthirmare & saw anoJ»^r myrke clowde Alexander

and saw a godd'sitt in a trone lyke a kynge, and Alexander faid f^^^ ^^'^

vn-titt hym : ' Lorde,' quop he, ' what art ton V '1 am,' quop he, *^e cave

^ / and sees a

10 'J^e begynnynge of an godde^ and Serapis es my name. I sawe god en-

the in pe lande of liby & nowe I see pe here.' 'Serapis,' theXrV''

quob Alexander, ' I beseke be telte me wha it es bat salt sla Serapis,

^ ' ' , ^ , -• who fore-

me.' Quod Serapis : * I talde pe bi-fore, J?at and pe cause tells him

2o of a manes dede ware knawen) vn-tilt hym, he solde dy for ^^ ^^^ jj

sorowe. pou hase bygged a gloric2*s citee agaynes pe whilke be buried.

many emperoiers satt fighte. pare-in salt thi graue be made

and pare-in satt pou be beriedl' And )?an) Alexander come oute

24 of J^e caue, and tuke his leue at Candeolus and went tilt his Oste.

* One be morne he reniowed' his Oste And come titt a valay ^^ *^^ ,

' ■ .... morrow he

l^at was futt of grete ^ serpentes pe whilk hade in )?aire heuedis removes

Grete smaragde^. Thir serpente5 * lyffede alt wit gyngere and * Leaf 44.

28 pepir ]?at growede in pe valay e. And ilke a 5ere J?ay feghte to- and^c'omes

gedir and many of f)am) slae^ oper. Off pe forsaid Smaragdes *o ^ valley

tuk Alexander sum) wit hym of pe gretteste J»at he couthe serpents.

L. They see

S^^^' ^ other

32 ^Fra beine bay remowed^ife come in-tilt a place in be whilke strange

1 IT .-n o 1 beasts and

pare ware beste^ Jjat hade one like a fote twa clees as swyne griffons

hase, and J^ase clees ware three fote brade wzt pe whilke f)ay Xjex-^**^^

smate AXexander knyghtes. pay had also heuedes lyke swyne ander's

36 & tayles lyke lyouns. \>are ware also amange^ ]?am) grypes J^e They could

^ Three lines with red capital O and written, small o in the margin. ^ Three lines with red capital IF and

^ MS. 'se^'pe' crossed out and * serpentes ' smaliyin the marscin beside.

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The Ten Tribes of Israel.

carry off a knight and his horse. Alex- ander's knights fight man- fully against them. They come to a great river and make boats to cross over. The people of the country send

Alexander gifts.

They find women in that river ■who slay men. Two of them they capture. They come to Gog and

* Leaf 44 bk.

Magog, who are the ten tribes of Israel led out of their own land by a Per- sian king. They ask Alexander leave to come forth.

wliilke smate kynghtes in ]>e vesage^ reghte felly. fi\y ware so strange Ipat ane of J^am) wolde bere away an armecT knyglite & his horse also, pan) kynge Alexander rade hedir & }?edir amange^ his men) and comforthed" Jjam) and badd' Jjain) feghte 4 manly agaynes f'aifi) wit speres and wit arowes. And so J>ay did". Bot pare was slayne of Alexander knyghtes ccviii.

' And fra J?eine J>ay remowed' and come tilt a grete ryuer ]?e whilke was twenty furlange on brede fra j^e ta banks to 8 pe toper. And on J^ase bankes pare growed" redis wonder grete and hye. Of paee redes garte Alexander mak bates & anoynte J?am) wit terre & talgh of beste^, And badd' his knyghtis row oner pe water in J>ase bates. And J?ay did' soo. And when) ]^e 12 [pople] ^ of pe cunwtree herde tell of pe commynge of Alexander & his Oste, J^ay sent hym gyftes of swylk thynge^ als was in l^aire cuntree, J^at es at say Grete spou'?ige5 bathe whitte & pwrpure & schelles of pe see so grete pat an of }>am) walde 16 halde twa pekkes or three, pay sent hym also wormes ]:»at J:)ay drew owte of ]:>at ryuer grettere J^an) a manes thee, and )?ay ware swetter of taste )?afD any fysche. pay gaffe hym Cukstoles alt rede J^at ware of a wonderfutl gretnesse. In pat ryuer ware 20 womans J»at ware wonder faire & p&j hade on) J>am) mekitt here ]:>at rechedd" doun) to thaire fete, pir women), when J^ay saw any straunge mefD swymme in f»at riu€r, owper paj drownned* J^am) in pe water, or etts pay walde lede ]?am) to pe rede^ pat 24 growed' on) pe water bankes and garre f»am) lye by f>am) ay titt any lyfe was in Jjam). pe Macedoynes persued J^am) & tuke twa of {^am) and broghte f)am) tilt Alexander,* and J)ay ware als white as any sn^we, and fay ware ten fote lange and J?aire 28 teethe ware lyke dogge teethe.

^ Efter this Alexander went and closed' in a maner of folkes ]^at are called" Gog & Magog, with-in J^e hille^ of Caspy. pis folke^ were of pe ten kynde5 of Israel, and pay ware leedd'owte 32 of ]:>aire awenn) land" bi a kyng of Perse be-cause of j^aire sjnne^ and halden in thralledom). And pa,j asched? Alexanc^er leue for to wende furtK of J^at cuntree. And Alexander gert spirre Ipe cause of f>aire thraldom), and he was encensed^ pat be-cause pay 36

1 Three lines with red capital A and small a in margin beside.

* MS. reads, And taken J>e of^e ctmntree

(?>[i] of, &c.).

3 Three lines with red capital E and small c in the margin beside.

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