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The prose life of Alexander



Alexander and the Ten Tribes. The ocean. 105

hadcT forsaken) ]?aire godde^ lawe, bat es at say, godd" of Isrl, But he

and wirchiped? Calues & oper Mawmettes, )?are-fore }>ay ware they had

ledd' oute of J^aire aweniD laude & haldeiD in thralldom), and f>at [^^®^^®^

4 prophetes had p?-ophiced' be-fore Ipat J>ay sulde neuer come oute God for

of thralcloffD bi-fore agayne pe day of dome. And ]?afD Alexander therefore

ansuerde & said pat lie sulde sperre )?aiii) IfD mare seurely. And ^^y ^^

J^aiD he garte close att pe €ntree5 wit stane & lyme & sand", Bot and im-

8 att pat he garte make on pe day was fordone on) pe nyghte. And till^Dooms-

when) Alexander saw pat mannes laboure myghte no^te stande in •J^y*

stede, he bi-soghte godd' of Isrl J?at if it ware his liste J»at f)ay says he

habade J^are, J^at he walde close pam) in. And pe nexte nyghte them in^

12 aftir ilk a crag^e feRe tilt ober, and so bare may nathynge J^^re

AT T • • IT surely,

passe m nor owte. And pare-hj it seme^ J?at it es no^te godde^ God an-

wilt J^at pa,j come oute. Neuier-J)e-lesse abowte pe Ende of pe p^ayers^^

werlde bay saK breke oute and do mekitt schathe & slaa many and rocks

^ "^ -^ fall down

i6 men). and shut

^ Fra )?eine paj remowed' & come to pe grete See Occeane. In ^^^^ ^^

psit See Jiay sawe ane He a littitt fra pe lande. And in ]5at He Doomsday,

paj herde men) speke grewe. And f)an) Alexander commanded? shall come

20 f)at sum) of his knyghts sulde do off J>aire clathes and swyme ^reathann.

ou^r to pe ile. And J>ay did" soo. And als sone als f'ay come They come

in pe See ]9are come gret crabbes vp oute of pe water & pullede and an isle

J>am) downne to pe grounde & drown ned'J^am). near the

24 ^Thanne remowed^ f^ay fra th«thyn) and went ay endlande They hear

pe See syde to-warde pe solstice of wynt^r trauellande xl days ; Greek

and at pe laste pa.j come to a reede See, and J>are f'ay lugede *J^®^6-

Jjam). pare was faste by a Mountayne wonder hye, One ander's

28 J'e whilke Alexander went vp. And when) he was abowii) on) to the isle

pe heghte pare-o&e, hjm thoghte pat he was nerre pe Firmament ^^ killed

)?an pe erthe ; ]:>an) he ymagned'' in his hert swilk a gynfD how They travel

he myghte make * grippes here hym vp in-to pe ayere. And * t f ^

32 onane he come doune of ]?e Mountayne and garte come bi-fore seashore to

hym) his Maistre wrightes and comandid" f)am) J>at psij sulde g^® ^^^

make hym a chayer and trelesse it w^t barre^ of Iren) one ilk Alexander

a syde so pat he my^te sauely sitt pare-in. And J^an) he gart mountain.

36 brynge foure gripes and tye j?am) faste wit Iren) cheynes vn-to pe His master

chayere, and in pe oaermare party of pe chayere he gart putt make him

1 Four lines with red capital F and ^ Three lines with red capital T and

small f in the margin beside. small capital T in margin.

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Alexander ascends into the air and descends into the sea.

a chair whereby he is borne by griffons up into the air.

He comes down about ten days' march from his army. Then he lusteth to know the depths of the sea. The master glaziers make him a glazen cage with iron bars and it is lowered down into the sea, and there he beholds many won- ders and strange beasts until he is drawn up again by his knights.

They march on and have to fight * Leaf 45 bk.

strange horned beasts. They come to the wil- derness of

mete for )?e grippes. And f)afD he weiite and sett hym) in ]3e chayere. And onane f>e grippes bare hym vp in \>e ayer so hye J)at Alexanc/^r thoghte att j^e erthe na mare Jjan) a flure \>are men) thressche^ corne, and \>q See lyke a dragon) abowte 4 ]>Q erthe. pan) sodaynly a speeyatt vertu of godd" vmbilapped f>e grippes f)at gart )?am) discende doune to f>e erthe in a felde : ten .X. day iowrnee fra f>e Oste, and he hadd" na hurt ne na schathe in ^pe chayere. Bot wtt grete disesse at ]:>e laste he 8 come tilt his Oste.

^ Aft^T* Jjis AXeyiander ymagened in his hert ]?at he walde knaw ]?e preuates )?at are in J?e see. And onane he gart come bifore hym) att ]?e Maister glasyers J'at ware in J)e Oste, And comandede 1 2 Jjain) to make hym a grete tounne of passandly clere glasse j^at he myghte thurgh it clerely see aR man^r of thynge J?at ware wit- owtten) it. And when) it was made he gart trelesse it al abowte w^towtten) wet barres of yrei^ and feste 'pare-to lang cheynes of 16 yren), and gart a certane of Ipe strangeste & maste tristy knyghtes ]?at langedVn-titt hym halde J)ir cheynes. And J^an) he went in-to pe toiinwe & gart pykke wele pe entree whare he went in, and J^an) late it doun) into pe See. And ]?are he sawe djuerse 20 schappes of fisches of dyuerse colours ; and sum) he sawe hafe pe schappe of dyu^rse beste^ here one pe lande, gangande on fete as beste^ dose here & etande fruyte of treesse pat growe^ on pe See grunde. pir beste^ come till hym. Bot onane as paj 24 saw hym thorow J^e glasse }?ay fledde fra hym. He sawe pare also many oper meruaylous thynge^, pe whilke he walde tett na man) bi-cause mefD walde noghte hafe trowed" Jjam) if he had talde pain}, and at a certayne houre pase ]:>at he hadd? assyngned 2 8 be-fore, his knyghtes drewe hym vp oute of pe See.

" Fra ]?eine J^ay Remowed' Folowande pe bankes of pe Rede See, and luged J)am) in a place, whare f)are ware wylde Beste) that hade on) Jjaire heuedis homes lyke vn-to * sawes, and psij 32 ware als scharpe als swerde^. And with thire homes J?ay slewe & hurte many knyghtis of Alexanders & clone ]?aire cheldes in sonder. Neuer-]?e-lesse Alexander knyghtis slew of f>am) ccccli.

^ And fra ]?eine Jjay remowedT and come in-till wilderness 36

' Four lines with red capital A and small a in the margin beside.

'^ Three lines with red capital F and

small y in margin besides.

3 Three lines with red capital A and small a in the margin beside.

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The strange beasts. The death of Bucephalus. 107

bitwex f)e reeLV See and Araby, whare grete multitude of Pepir pepper growed"; And )?are ware many grete nedders wit hornwes on hoTned^ l^aire hedes lyke tuppe homes, wit Ipe wliilke f>ay smate Alex- adders. 4 ander knygbtis rijt felly. Off {?ase nedderes slew ]>e Macedoynes a grete party.

^ peine |:»ay remowed* and luged" in a place whare many They meet Rynosephales ware, pe whilke hade beuedes & manes lyke to fight 8 horsey. And bay hade grete bodys, and wonder grete teethe Eiimoceri and lange, and oute of J>aire mouthes fay schotte flawme^ forth fire, of fyre. And when) J:ay saw f»e Oste luge f)are |3ay come & assaylled* pami. And Alexander ran) hyder and thedir They fight

12 amange^ pe oste and comforthed? his knyghtes and bad ]pam) fiercely, feghte manly wit f)ase monstres. And so f>ay didd'. Neuer-J'e- lesse pare ware a grete multitude of his knygbtis slayne of Jjase beste^. Bot of pe Eynocephales pare was slayne an hugge

1 6 mitltitude.

^ pan) f>ay remowed? fra )?eine and come in-titt a champayne Alex- cuntree and luged" f)am) J^are, And lay J^are a certane days, steed Buce- Bi-cause of his horse Buktyphalas ]?at felt seke J)are ; of pe ^^lusdies.

2o whilke sekenesse he dyed?. And when) Alexander saw hyw dedd? a rich tomb he made grete dole for hyw and weped" for hym ri5t sare. For ^ city he hadd* borne hym in many a Batetle, and broghte [hym] oute of ^^^^^ ^"^' many peretts. And J^are-fore when) he was dede Alexander

24 gart doo aboute hym grete exequyes and gart make hym a full riche toumbe & a bye and did* hym pare-in and made a grete citee J)are, pe whilke in mynde of his horse he gart call Bukty- phalas.

28 3 Fra ]:)eine psij remowed and come titt a ryuere ■* pat was called" They come Cytan or Deciracy whare men) of pe cuntree broghte hym) palace of V Olyphantes and v cartes of werre. And fra J^eine pB,j Xerxes. remowed? & come tilt kynge 3erses palace. And in )?at Palace

32 J^ay fande bedde5 of clene golde many a thowsande. pare ware The birds also grete fewles white als doufes, pe whilke had knawyng teSthTlife

be-fore of a seke man) wheder he schulde lyffe or dye. For or death of

. Till -I * man.

if pSLj by-helde J^e seke man) m pe vesage, he schulde mende &

36 fare wele. And if ]?ay towrned? f>am awaywarde wztowtten)

* Three lines. * The scribe first wrote rever, then

2 Three lines. altered it to ryver, then scratched it all out

' MS. has a small / written in margin, and wrote ryvere after it. but no space for the large capital to be put.

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The letters of Alexander. His throne.

♦ Leaf 46.

They come to Babylon and cap- ture it.

Thence Alexander writes to his mother and to Aristotle.

Aristotle writes to Alexander again praising him greatly for his victories.

Alexander has a won- drous throne made.

The throne of Alex- ander with its images, its ruby, and its in- scriptions.

doute he schulde dye,* and if ]?ay toi^rned hym ^pe bakke wit owtteiD dowte be sulde dye.

^ FRa ]?eiiie J^ay remowed^ and come to ])e grete Citee of Babiloyiie and wanne it 00 werre and slew J^e kynge J^ar^-offe & ]^e Captayne also. And |?are he duelled? vn-titt his lyffes end', and f)at was Bot vij seuen) Monetbes. In J)at mene tyme AlQ's.ander sent a \ettvQ tiR Olympias bis Moder and titt his Mayster Arestotle, latand? f)aiTi) witte of ))e Batelts and ]5e dyssese J:at )?ay suffrecT bathe wynters and Soraers in Inde and o^per cuntree5, and also of J)e Batetts J^at J?ay bad'badd'wzt dyuerse Monstres. And ]5an) Arestotle wrate anof)«r \ettvQ titt Alex- ander agayne ]:>e wbilke was of this tenoi^r :

^ ' Un-titt Alexandere J>e grete kynge of kynge^ Arestotle sendej ioy and seruyce. When) I hade redde 3owr wyrchipfutt \ettYQS I was gretly astonaydl For wbilke cause I desyre with att myn) hert for to fynde lonynge J?at I myghte 5elde vn-to J)e. I take witness^ at oure godde^ J)at for J^e passande hardenesse of Y\ hert & )?e grete auentowrs })at Jjou base put ]:)e in, Jjou erte wele worthy for to be loued' & praysede. For ^po\^. base sene & assayed? thynge^ J»at neu^r man) or J)is durste assaye. Whare-for thankynge & lonynge I ^elde to J)e makere of alt J^is wyde werlde })at sWylke victoryes base grantede vn-to J^e. For Jjou base ouercommen) alt & nane base ou«rcomen) J^e. Futt blyssede are alt thy prynce5 j^at base bene obeyande vnto j^e, and helped" J^e in alt thi disesse^.*

^ Afftir pis Alexanc?er gart make in Babyloyne a wonder curiows trone * of golde, '\)are was no^te swilke anoJ>^r \n J)e werlde. For J^e greke^ broghte so mekitt golde oute of perse & oute of Inde, })at it ware wonder for to telle, pis ilke toure was twlue cubyte5 bye and by twelue grece^ ^ men) ascended" \>are"ioo, and J^ase gree) ware alt of golde. pis trone was wonderfully wroghte and sett apon) twelue ymage^ of golde, fe wbilke trone J)e forsaid'ymage^ helde vp w«t J^aire hende. And on }3ase twelue ymage5 ware wretyn) J)e names of J^e twelue prynce^ of Macedoyne. pe seet of J)e trone was of a Smaragde,








1 Three lines with big capital F followed by small capital.

2 Four lines with red capital U and small u in the margin.

3 Four lines with red capital A and

small a in the margin beside.

* toure scratched out and trone writ- ten in.

^ The first part of this word reads gr + blot + cej.

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Tlie croivn of Alexander. The Philosopher. 109

& Ipe syde^ 'pare off ware of Topa5es & in ilkan) of pe greej ware sett dyu^rse maneres of pr^cyouse stanes. In pe summyt of Ipia trone pare was sett a ruby pat schane on pe nyghte as it hade 4 bene pe Mone. In J?is trone also was pare sett oil) ilke a syde dyu^rse ymage; on pe wbilke ware wretyn) bathe in latyne & in grew* verse^ pat contened' att pe nammes of pe rewmes & cuntree^ * Leaf 46 pat Alexandere had cojiquered' and ware sugetes vn-tiK hym. 8 ^ After ]?is * Alexander gert make a coron) of golde sett full The crown of alt maner of precyouse stanes, and gert wryte apon) it a tytle ander and in grew & in latyn) : ' Ortus & occasws, Aquilo michi seruit tiiemscnp- & Auster.' pat es at saye : ' Est & weste, Northe & southe dose on.

12 seruyce vn-to me.' In the mene tyme whils Alexander was in Thestrange babyloyne, a woman) was delyu^r of a knaue childe pe whilke fra i^ Babylon pe heuede to pe nauyH hadd? schappe of man), & was borne dedd! ^alf ahve And fra pe nauytl downwarde^ it had lyknesse of dyuerse half dead,

16 beste^ and was qwykke, pis Monstre was taken) & broghte tilt and half

Alexander; and als son) als he saw it he meruaylled' ffretly animai,and ' . J t) .7 ^l^g mean-

pare-o&, and gart come bi-fore hym) a iphiloso2)heY ]?at couthe of ing it has. wiche-crafte, & aschede hym what it sygnyfyedl And when) pe ^f liex-

20 philosopher saw it, he syghede, & saye wepand" sayde vn-to ander and hym : ' Sothely wirchipfult emiperour,' quop he, ' pe tyme comme^ of his suc- nere that pon salt passe oute of this werlde.' ' Telle me,' quop i^^^hat Alexander, ' whareby pou knawes J?at/ And pe philosophre ^^^y shall

34 ansuerde & sayde : ' My lorde,' quop he, ' pe halfe of J^is Monstre him. J)at base pe schappe of man) & es dedJ, betakens pat pon salt passe out of J^is werlde in haste. And pe toper party J^at base J^e lyknes of dyu^rse beste^ & es on lyfe, betakynges pe kynges

28 f'at salt come after pe. Bot pare salt nane of J^ain) be lyke

vn-to pe, na mare pari) a beste es lyke vn-tilt a man).' When) The sorrow Alexander herde ]?is he was wonder heuy, and sare wepand? ^nder^" he sayde on )?is wyse : ' Altmyghty lubiter,' quop he, ' what

32 mene^ it ]:»at my dayes sail be so schortte ? Me thynke pat it had bene semely J^at I had leffed" langere for tilt haf endidT thynge^ j^at are in my thoghte. Bot for als mekilt als it es no^te plesande vn-to pe, I beseke the pat po\x resayffe me when)

36 I salt passe hethen) als thyn) awen) seruante.'

o -r -I ' ' -MT ^ 11 1 • 1 Antipator

^ In this mene tyme pare was in Macedoyne a lorde pat highte wishes for

^ Three lines with red capital A and ^ Four lines with red capital / and

small a in the margin beside. small i in margin beside.

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The betrayal and poisoning of Alexander.

the death of Alex- ander, who is warned of him by Olympias.

* Leaf 47.

He buys poison and gives it to his son to have it given to Alexander by a pro- t6g6 whom he has struck.

His prot6g6 gives the king a drop of poison in his cup from his thumb. Alexander cries out with pain, but forbears awhile to leave the feast.


Au^zpater, ]:e wliilke of langetyme be-fore hadcT casten for f)e decide oi Alexander ; And wtt many o]>er f>at he hadd? con- fedred" vn-titt hyin) he coTispyred' for to brynge it tytt ende, bot he myghte neu^r come aboute )?er-with. For Olympias, Alex- 4 ander moder, wrate vn-till hym ofte-sythes and warned' hym ]>at he scholde be warre wit Axiii^ater & his childre, and here- fore was Antypater wonder sary. So apofi) a tyme he vmby- thoghte hym ])at he myghte neu^r come aboute wit his pwrpose 8 for to slaa Alexa?^o?^r, bot if it ware thurgh enpuysonynge. *And so apoiD a daye he went till a Sotett leche, arid boghte of hym) a man^r of drynke made of puyson) that was so fette & so ranke \>at '^are myghte no vessette halde it Bot a vessell made of IrefD ; and fare-in he putt it. And J^an) he gaffe it his son) Cassandre, and bad" hym here it tilt his hvd)per lobas and byd" hym, quo\> he, gyffe it to kyng AXexander in his drynke, when) he see^ his tyme. This ilk lobas was a faire ^ong man) & was duellyng with 16 Alexander, and gretly by-luffede & cheriste of hym. Bot so it be-felie apon) a tyme fat Alexander smate lobas on f e heued wzt a warderere for na trespasse. Whare-fore lobas was gretly angred? and greued' at Alexander and cotisented'titt his dede, and 20 tuke fe puyson) of his brofer fat was ordeyned" for Alexawc?«r dede fat luffed? hyin) so mekili.

^ And apon) a daye Kle^Lander gart ordeyne a grete reuelie \n Babyloyne and called'f ar« too alt his prynce5 ^^ ^^-^^ ^ syde. 24 And as he satt at f e mete Imange his prynce5 ^^ ^^^ wonder mery & gladde & iocund", and reheted" his lordej & prayed" f am) fat fay schulde be mery. pan) lobas fat serued' f e kyng of his coupe tuke of f e puyson) a porcyon), and putt it vnder f e nayle 28 of his thowme, and broghte f e coppe to f e kynge futt of wyne. And as he gaffe it to f e kynge, he lete f e puyson) faRe m f e wyne priualy. And als sone als f e kyng hadd? dronkeii) f e puyson), Sudaynly he gaffe a grete scryke, and lened'' hym downn) 32 towarde f e ri^te syde. For hym thoghte reghte als a man) hadd? smytefD hym in-to fe lyuere wit a suerde. Neuer-fe-lesse he feyned" & forbare a while & suffred" a grete penance, and . when) he my3te na langere habyde, he rase vp fra f e burde and 36 saide titt his lordej & his knyghtes : ' Lordyngis,' qwof he,

^ Three lines with red capital A and small a in the margin beside.

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The agony of Alexander. Ill

* I pray 30W sitt 56 stitt & etej & drynke5 & bee5 iiiery.' Bot fay ware gretly troubble(r and rase vp fra j^e burde^ and stode Witowtten) for to see f)e ende. And Alexander went in-tlll He uses a 4 liis chambir gretly to2^rmentid!, and soghte a fethir for to putt gp^w it in his throtte for to garre hym hafe a vomet of J^e puyson) fo^t^. J>^* f»at he hadd" resayffedl And lobas, )?at was cheffe of att this feather is hye tresofD, gatt a fethir & enoynt it wtt })e same puyson) P^^^°^® 8 & broghte it titt Alexander ; and he tuk it & putt it in his throtte, and belyfe * J»e puyson) vexed' hym ay mare & mare. * Leaf 47 And )?an) AX^^ander bade ane gange & open) fe palace 5ates j^^ j^^g bat ware on Eufrates banke. And atle bat nyste he woke agony he

12 in grete payne^ & tourment. And aboute mydny^thte he rase Euphrates cute of ]>Q bedde )?at he lay in and putt oute J^e lyghte |3at brynt ^^j^geiT^ by-fore, and for he myghte noghte ga vprighte5, he creped? one hende & one fete doune to-warde Eufrate5 for tilt hafe

16 drownned? hym selfe, J»at f^e strenth of ]>q water my^th hafe

borne hym away whare neuer man) solde hafe fun) hym.

And Rosafi) his wyfe folowed? as faste as scho myghte. And But his

when) scho come to hym scho felte vpofD hym & enbraced? hym noxana

20 in hir arraes & said' vn-titt hym : ' Alias, my lorde Alexander/ follows and

•^ . prevents

(\uo]> scho, ' witt Jjou now leue me & gaa slaa thi-selfe.' And him

scho wepe J^at it was dole to see ; and Alexander ansuerde console

& sayde : ' I beseke J^e E,osan)/ q-wo}) he, ' )?at ert so dere to me ^^^"^•

24 & so swete, late nane wit of myn) Endynge, if all it be \>ai we

may na langare hafe ioy togedir.' And J^afi) Kosafi) leddT She asks AXesiander agayne to his bedd, and layde her armes aboute his provide for nekke and kyssede hym many a tyme, and sare wepand said" ^^^'

28 vn-titt hym): 'A, A, my swete lorde,' qud^ scho, ' if f)ine ende be

nowe commen), ordayne firste for vs or 50 passe hej^ine.' And He calls his onane he callede vn-tilt hym lobas & bade hym feche vn-titt hym Semyoii) his notary. And when) he was comen) he garte

32 here hym down) in-to ))e haulte, and he garte come by-fore hym alt his prynce^ & bade his notary wryte his testament bi-fore |3am) att on) Y\s wyse.

^ ' ARestotle oure dere Maister, we comande the & prayse the. He com-

36 J»at of oure awen) tresowr j^ou sonde to )?e preste5 of Egipt J^at Aristotle ministre^ in ]pe temple, whare-in oure body satt be beryed tog^veto

^ Three lines with red capital A , and small a in the margin beside, small capital R following.

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Alexander and the Macedonians. 113

heyne whaifi) ^e wilt ]?at be oure emperowr eft«r 50W.' And him for

AlexancZer ansuercT & sayde, ' A, A, my dere knyghtis,' (]ud\> he, for their

* when) I am dede whayirD so 50 wilt chese, be 50^7* emperowr ^^^^' 4 efter mee.' And ]?ay ansuerde, ' Lord,' qwoj) J)ay, * we beseke 50we f)at ^e wilt graunt vs P^rdic to he oure Emperowr.* ' I vouche wele saffe/ (\u6\> Alexander, ' f>at Perdic be ^our

Emperowr. Gers hym come be-fore mee.' ' And when) he was He gives

8 comen) by-fore hym he gaffe hym Ipe kyngdome* of Macedoyne * Leaf 48

wit pe Emperowrchipe. And he gaffe hyr^i also Rosan) for to be Perdicas

his wyffe, and prayed" hym bat he walde be gude & gentilt tilt Macedonia

hir. And J?an he kyssede att J^e lorde^ & f>e knyghtis of Emperor-

13 Macedoyne ilkane after olper, and sighed and weped* wonder and also

sare. pare was ]:?an) so grete dole & wepynge, )?at it was lyke i^oxana as

a thonere. For men) Suppose^ f»at no^te allanly men) made He kisses

Sorow for j^e dede of so worthy ane Kmiperour, Bot also J^e son) ^^ce-^

16 and alt Ipe o])er planetis and elementes ware troubled. donian '^A prynce of Macedoyne stode nere Alexander bedd' J?at

highte Seleuci^s, & wtt grete dole & wepynge he sayd?: ' A, A, ^^igyes^by

"pon wirchipfult emperowr,' quolp he, ' what satt we do whefD Ipou Alex-^

20 ert dede. Philippe J^i fader gouerned' vs wele & alte oure bedside

rewme, Bot Ipe gentilnes & J?e largesse of the na tunge may telt.' shall *have

And ban) Alexanc?er sett hym vp in his bedd' and gaffe hym) ^o good selfe a grete flappe on pe cheke and by-gafi) for to wepe ri^te

24 bitterly, and in pe langage of Macedoyne, he sayde on ])is wyse :

* Fult waa es me vnhappy wreche,' qudp he, ' fat euer I was Alexander

borne to man). For now Alexander dyes and Macedoyne salt S^^^^J^^ ^^^

waxe ay lesse & lesse and emenische day bi day/ Than) att pe Macedonia

Macedoyne s wit an hye voyce and bitter wepynge sayd vn-tilt dwindle

hym : ' Better it ware titt vs,' quop J?ay, ' for to dy wit pe f)an) Y^^^j?^^®

for to se pe dy in oure presence. For wele we wate pat, efter All the

pe dede of the, pe kyngdom) of Macedoyne es vndone for euere. donia'ns

32 Alias oure wirchipfult Alexander, why lefes pou vs here and f^^^.^^ Y®'®

wende^ away be thyfD ane, withowten) thi Macedoynes 1 ' ThafJ) die with kyng Alexander alway sighand' & wepand* said vn-to pam :

' A, A, my dere Macedoynes,' quop he, ' fra this tym) forwarde rj-he erief

36 salt neuer ^owr name hafe lordchipe ouer pe Barbarenes.* And of the

J?an) pe Macedoynes cryed' and sayde : ^ O wirchipfutt lorde,' quop donians.

' Three lines with red capital A, and ^ Four lines with red capital J , and

smaller a in the margin beside. small a in the margin beside.


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The death and burial of Alexander.

Alexander sends rich gifts to the Temple of Apollo in Athens and. makes order for the em- balming of his body.

* Leaf 49.

His death.


funeral of Alexander.

His burial and

wonderful tomb.

The de- scription of Alexander.

The years of his life and his •warlike deeds.

J^ay, ' f)ou ledcT vs iii-to Perse, Arraby, and Jnde, and vn-to the werldej ende, and in-to what cuntree ])at )?e liste wende; why, lorde, flee^ Ipou now fra vs 1 Lede vs wit the whedir so pon gase/ pan) kyng Alexander sent to J>e templee of Appollo in) 4 Athenes many riche iowels, and on pe same wyse titt all oper temples. And J^an) he commanded' ]?at when) he ware dede, J?ay schulde enoynte his body and embawme it wit riche oynementes, pe whilke kepis menes bodys in graues wet-owtten) corupcioufi). 8 pan) he badde Tholomett^ pat he scholde [take] a c besantes of golde, & pare-off gere make hym a tombe in Alexander. And onane * as he had commanded hym fjus, one-seeand J^arn) att, he swelt. And f»an) his prynce^ lifte vp his body, and didapon) his 12 clethyng of astate and putt a riche coron) on) his heued, and sett hym in pe emperoi^rs chayer, pe whilke twelue prynce^ drewe wit J^aire breste^ fra Babiloyne tilt Alexander. Tholo- meus went alway bi-fore pe chayere wepande & sayande one ]:>is 16 wyse : 'Fult waa es me, My lor dC Alexander, waa es me. For in att thi lyfe slew po\i neuer so many men) as pou. dose nowe after J)i dede.* Alt Alexanders knyghtis also weped & made grete dole & sayde on) )?is wyse : ' Waa es vs wreches ! whatt schall wee 20 now do after j^e dede of oure lorde Alexander 1 Whedir salt we now gaa or whate party e may we now chese ? Whare schalt we now get any helpe till oure lyfelade 1 ' One ]:>is wyse pay went wepand after Alexander, till J^ay come till pe citee of 24 Alexander. And Jjare p&y beryed hym in a towmbe J>at was ri^te hye and wonder curyouslye wroghte. pis tombe was alt of fyne golde sett futt of precyous stanes, and on) ]:>at toumbe J^er was sett xxx y mages of golde wonder craftily made. 28

^ Alexander was a man) hot of a comoiD stature, wit a lange nekke, Faire eghne & glad, his chekes ruddy, and alt pe reme- nant of his lymmes ware faire & semely & lyke vn-tilt a lorde. He ouercome alt men) & neuer was ouercomen). The lenthe 32 of his lyffe was xxxij ^ere, twa & thritty ^ere & seuen) monethes. Fra pe twentyd 5ere of his biithe he gaffe hym to werre, and in twelue ;ere he coriquered alt pe werlde, and made subiect un-tilt hym alkyn) nacyonws. Seuen) monethes he ristede hym. He was 3^ borne on pe vij kt of January, and dyed on) pe vij kl of August.


^ Large red capital A.

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