8 Death of Anectanabus, and the finding of Bucephalus.




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wreche,' quoth he, 'that presume to tell things that ere to
come, reghte als thou were a prophet, and knew the prewatey
of heven. Now may thou see that thou liey, And thare-fore
thou arte worthy to hafe swilke a dede.' And than Anectanabus
ansuered, & said: ' I wyste wele ynoghe,' quoth he, 'that I scholde
die swylke a dede. Talde I noghte lange are to the, that myn
awenn son schulde slae me?' ' Whi, ame I thi son?' Than
quoth Alexandire: ' Yaa, for sothe,' quoth Anectanabus, 'I gat the.'
And wit that word, he yalde the gaste. And than Alexander
hert tendird on his Fader, And he tuke hym vp on his bakke,
and bare hym to the palace. And when his moder Olympias
saw hym, Scho said vn-till hym. 'Son,' quoth scho, 'what
es that? ' 'All thi foly hase made it,' quoth he, 'so it es.'
And then he gert bury him worshipfully.

^ 1 In the meantime, a prince of Macedoyne brought the king
a horse untamed, a great and a faire; & he was tied on each
side with chains of Iron, for he walde wery men and ete them.
This ilke horse was called Buktiphalas , because of his ugly looking, For he had a head like a bull, & nodules in his
front, as they had been the beginning of horns. And when
the king saw the beauty of this horse, he said to his servants,
'Take this horse and put him in a stable, and make bars
of iron before him, that thieves and other misdoers, that shall be
done to dede, may be put into him, to be slain of him.
And they did so. In the meantime the king Philippe had
any answere of his goddess, that he should reign next after
him, the whilke might ride that wild horse without
harm. So it fell that Alexander the whilke was then twelve ere
aide, were strange & right hardy, & was wise and discrete;
for he was well learned & connand in all the seven sciences,
the whilke twa philosophers had taught him: that is to say,
Aristotle & Calistene. And one a day, as Alexander passed
for-by the place there all the foresaide stood, he looked in between the bar of iron and saw, before the horse, men's hands
and feet, & other of their members, liggand scattered here &
there, and he had great wonder thereof. And he put in his

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