19 The Bishop of the Jews' dream.




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The Bishop of the Jews' dream.

after, when the Bischoppe hadd made his sacrafice, and was
lyand in prayers, he fell on slomeryng and ane Angellle appered
un-till hym, and sayd, 'Be noghte ferd,' quoth he, 'bot swythe
4 gere araye honestly all the stretis of (the) citee, and caste open
the gates, and warne all the folke that thay aray tham in whitte
clethynge, and thi-selfe & alle the prestis reuestes yow solempnely,
and to-morne arely wendes furthe of the citee agaynes Alexander
8 in processioun. For hym by-houes * regne & be lord of alle
the werlde. But at the laste the wrethe of godd sall falle apon
hym.' When the bischoppe wakened of his slepe, he called till
hym the iewes and talde tham his reuelacion, and bad tham do
12 all als the Angelle hade schewed hym. And they did so. For
they arayed the stretes of the cetee and cledde tham in whitte
clethynge, and the bischope & the prestis reueste tham, and bathe thay and alle the folke went furthe of the citee till a place
16 whare the temple & all the citee may be seen. And there thay
habade the comynge of Alexander. And when Alexander come
near this foresaid place, and saw be-for hym swilke a multitude
of folke, cledd alle in whitte, and the prestes arrayed solempnely
20 in riche vestymentis, and the byschope also in his pontyfycales
and a mytre on his heued, and thare-apon a plate of golde, whare-one was wretyn the name of grete godd Tetragramaton, he
commauded all his men that thay shulde halde tham by-hynd
24 hym, and habyde till he com to tham. And he lighte off his
horse, and went bi hym ane to the iewes, And knelid down to the erthe and wirchippede the hye name of godd, that he saw
thare wretyn apon the bischopes heued. And than alle the iewes
28 knelid doun & salute Alexander and cried all wit a voyce: 'lyff, lyffe,' quoth thay, ' grete Alexander, lyffe, lyffe the gretteste
Emperour of the werlde, lyffe he that sall ouer-com all men and
noghte be ouercomen. Prynce maste gloryous and maste worthy
32 of all the princes that regnes apon erthe.' When the kynges of
Surry saw this, thay hadd grete wonder thare-off. And a prynce
of Alexanders, that highte Parmenon, said un-till Alexander: ' Mi lorde the Emperour,' quoth he, ' we mervelle us gretely that
36 thou, wham all men wirchippes and lowtes, wirchippes here the
bischope of the Iewes.' And Alexander ansuered, ' I wirchipe noghte hym,' this quoth he, 'Bot Godd whase state he presentes.
For when I was in Macedoyne, and umbithoghte me, on what
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