Darius' mother. Alexander's vision. 45




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Darius' mother. Alexander's vision. 45

[eftsones] with Alexander. But I let thee [wete] it will avail thee nothing. For though he had gathered together all the men in the world dueling, with thee were unable to withstand him. For the foresight of god maintains him, and upholds him. And therefore dear son, it is my counsel, our highness of heart
thee left, and fell somewhat from our glory, and be favorable to the greatness of Alexander. For better it is to forego that at he may not hold, and have in [this?] than that thee may hold, that for to covet all and be excluded and forego all.' When Darius read this letter, he was greatly troubled and wept bitterly, come unto his mind, his mother, his wife, and his children.

In the meantime king Alexander removed his army, and drew near the city of Susis, in the which Darius was [?] the same time, so that he might see all the high hills that were around the city. Then Alexander commanded all his men, that each of them should cut down a branch of a tree, and bare them forth with them and drive before them all manner of beast that they might find in the way. And when the Persians saw them from the high hills they [wounded?] them greatly. And Alexander came with his army to the city of Susis and [luged] him near beside the city. And then he called his princes and his other lords and said unto them, 'Let us,' quoth he, 'send a messenger to king Darius and bid him over and come fight with us or else submit him to us'. The next night after, Godd Amon appeared unto Alexander in his sleep bringing him the figure of Mercury and a mantle, and another manner of garment of Macedonia, and said unto him. 'Alexander, son,' quoth he, 'evermore when thou has need, shall I help thee. And therefore let thou send
not to Darius that messenger that thou spoke of. For I will that thou thyself clothe thee with my figure and go thither thyself, if all it be perilous for to do, dread thee nothing, for I shall be thy help, so that thou shall have no manner of disease.

On the morning when Alexander rose from sleep, he was greatly comforted by his dream and called to him his princes and told them his whole dream, and they assented all, that he should go to Darius in his proper person. And anon he called unto him all of the princes, the which [hight] Emulus. This

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