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Adventures with wild beasts and wondrous folk, 75

als slaw als a snyle. And, in his oute - come, he slew twa They come

knyghtis of Alexander. This like beste niy3te J^ay on na wyse moras?and

perche wit ]?aire speres. Bot wit mellis of yreii) J)ay slew it. meet a

4 * And fra f»eine |?ay trauelde thritty day io«riie5 and come to beast.

]?e vttermaste iles of Inde, & ]?are ]?ay luged* J?am) beside5 a tothe°^"^^

ryuere j^at es callede in J^at langage of Inde Hemmahurer. And uttermost

aboute J?e EleuendT houre f)ar come owte of \>e wodde^ a grete India.

8 mrtltitude of Olyphante^ & come apon) f)am) wtt a gret birre & ^ great^™^

J?aire groynes opyfD. And onane AXeyiander lepe apon) his horse multitude

Buktiphalas and busked^ hym agaynes J^am) and badd \>q mace- phants

doynes \}at J^ay solde tak )?aire horse and ilk a man) a swyne in ^fem^ But

12 a bande, & wende agaynes be olyphantis. And when) be oli- Alexander

\ . . - overcomes

phantes saw pain), pay come gapande wit paire groyne5 redy te them by a

tak f)am). And when) f>e Macedoynes saw j^at f>ay ware fered? ^^° '

and durste no^te go to fiam). And AXeyiander saide vn-to fam, He bids his

i6'My wirchipfutt knyghtes,' qud\> he, ' bese of gud comforthe ^^e^ ^
and drede^ 50W na-thynge. For, and 56 will gare ^oure swyne against
crye faste * 56 schall see alt Jjir Olyphantes flee anon).' And Leaf 31.
alsone als be Olyphantes herde be crye of be swyne, and be tliem and

20 noyse of )?aire trompes, J)ay fledd' and durste no^te habyde. swine
And Alexanc?er & his men) pitrsued? tham), and what wit nettis, ^^^®^^'
whatt wit swerdes & speres, fay slewe of ]:>am) a grete mttltitude,
and come agayne to thaire tentis.

24 2 Anojier day ]?ay removed )?eine, and trauelde thurgh the same They
wodde5 of ^Inde. And Jjay fande ])are womefD with berdis thence
rechande downn) to p»aire pappes, & J^aire heuede^ playne Jh^^fbf^t
abownTie, and ]?ay ware cledd att in skynnes. pay chasede thir of India

28 women) and sum of J?am) j^ay tuke & broghte ]?am) tilt AJexam^^r. upon wild
And he gart spirre )5am in the langage of Inde, how f>ay liffed ^?-^®j^
in thase woddes, whare na duellyng was of men). And ]?ay beards,
ansuered* & said, ' We lyffe atl,' qwoj* f)ay, ' wit venyson) Jjat we

3 a take in thir woddes thurgt huntynge.'

* When) |?ay ware passed oute of thir wodde^ f)ay come in-tilt a And they
faire felde vn-titt a place whare this forsaid riuere ran). And ot^er^tribes
f>are J)ay fande bath raefO & women) att naked. And J)ay ware of wild men

* Four lines with red capital A and ^ pnde altered into Inde.

small a beside it in margin. * Four lines with red capital W and

* Four lines with capital A in red, and small w written in the margin beside,
small a beside.

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