110 The betrayal and poisoning of Alexander.




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Autipater, the whilke of langetyme be-fore hadd casten for
the dedde of Alexander ; And wit many other that he hadd confedred
un-till hym he conspyred for to brynge it tyll ende, bot
he myghte neuer come aboute ther-with. For Olympias, Alexander 4
moder, wrate un-till hym ofte-sythes and warned hym
that he scholde be warre wit Anipater & his childre, and herefore
was Antypater wonder sary. So apon a tyme he [vmby-thoghte?] hym that he myghte neuer come aboute wit his purpose 8
for to slaa Alexander, bot if it ware thurgh enpuysonynge. *And
so apon a daye he went till a Sotell leche, arid boghte of hym
a maner of drynke made of puyson that was so felle & so ranke
that thare myghte no vesselle halde it Bot a vessell made of Iren ;
and thare-in he putt it. And than he gaffe it his son Cassandre,
and bad hym bere it till his brother Iobas and byd hym, quoth
he, gyffe it to kyng Alexander in his drynke, when he seegh his
tyme. This ilk Iobas was a faire yong man & was duellyng with 16
Alexander, and gretly by-luffede & cheriste of hym. Bot so it
be-felie apon) a tyme fat Alexander smate lobas on f e heued
wit a warderere for na trespasse. Whare-fore Iobas was gretly
angred and greued at Alexander and consented till his dede, and 20
tuke the puyson of his brother that was ordeyned for Alexander
dede that luffed hym so mekill.

¹ And apon a daye Alexander gart ordeyne a grete reuelle
in Babyloyne and called thare too all his pryncegh on ilke a syde. 24
And as he satt at the mete Imange his pryncegh he was wonder
mery & gladde & iocund, and reheted his lordegh & prayed tham
that thay schulde be mery. Than Iobas that serued the kyng of his
coupe tuke of the puyson a porcyon, and putt it under the nayle 28
of his thowme, and broghte the coppe to the kynge full of wyne.
And as he gaffe it to the kynge, he lete the puyson falle in the
wyne priualy. And als sone als the kyng hadd dronken the
puyson, Sudaynly he gaffe a grete scryke, and lened hym down 32
towarde the righte syde. For hym thoghte reghte als a man hadd
smyten hym in-to the lyuere wit a suerde. Neuer-the-lesse
he feyned & forbare a while & suffred a grete penance, and
when he my3te na langere habyde, he rase vp fra f e burde and 36
saide till his lordegh & his knyghtes : ' Lordyngis,' quoth he,

¹ Three lines with red capital A and small a in the margin beside.

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