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Alexander and the Macedonians.

heyne wham ye wilt that be oure emperour efter yow.' And
[side note =] him for Perdicas for their king.
Alexander ansuerd & sayde, ' A, A, my dere knyghtis,' quoth he,
' when I am dede whaym so ye wilt chese, be your emperour
efter mee.' And thay ansuerde, ' Lord,' quoth thay, ' we beseke
yowe that ye wilt graunt vs Perdic to be oure Emperour.'
' I vouche wele saffe,' quoth Alexander, ' that Perdic be your
Emperour. Gers hym come be-fore mee.' 1And when he was
[side note = ] He gives
comen by-fore hym he gaffe hym the kyngdome* of Macedoyne
[side note = ] * Leaf 48 bk.
wit the Emperourchipe. And he gaffe hym also Rosan for to be
[side note = ] Perdicas Macedonia and the Emperorship, and also Roxana as wife.
his wyffe, and prayed hym that he walde be gude & gentilt tilt
hir. And than he kyssede alt the lordey & the knyghtis of
[side note = ] He kisses all the Macedonian Lords.
Macedoyne ilkane after other, and sighed and weped wonder
sare. Thare was than so grete dole & wepynge, that it was lyke
a thonere. For men Supposey that noyte allanly men made
Sorow for the dede of so worthy ane Emperour, Bot also the son
and alt the other planetis and elementes ware troubled.

2A prynce of Macedoyne stode nere Alexander bedd that
highte Seleucus, & wit grete dole & wepynge he sayd: ' A, A,
[side note = ] Seleucus grieves by Alexander's bedside that they shall have no good leader.
thou wirchipfult emperour,' quoth he, ' what salt we do when thou
ert dede. Philippe thi fader gouerned vs wele & alte oure
rewme, Bot the gentilnes & the largesse of the na tunge may telt.'
And than Alexander sett hym vp in his bedd and gaffe hym
selfe a grete flappe on the cheke and by-gan for to wepe riyte
bitterly, and in the langage of Macedoyne, he sayde on this wyse :

'Fult waa es me vnhappy wreche,' quoth he, ' that euer I was
[side note = ] Alexander bewails his fate that Macedonia shall dwindle with his death.
borne to man. For now Alexander dyes and Macedoyne salt
waxe ay lesse & lesse and emenische day bi day.' Than alt the
Macedoynes wit an hye voyce and bitter wepynge sayd vn-tilt
hym : ' Better it ware tilt vs,' quoth thay, ' for to dy wit the than
for to se the dy in oure presence. For wele we wate that, efter
[side note = ] All the Macedonians say it were better to die with him.
the dede of the, the kyngdom of Macedoyne es vndone for euere.
Allas oure wirchipfult Alexander, why lefes thou vs here and
wendey away be thyn ane, withowten thi Macedoynes ? ' Than
kyng Alexander alway sighand & wepand said vn-to tham :
' A, A, my dere Macedoynes,' quoth he, ' fra this tym forwarde
salt neuer yowr name hafe lordchipe ouer the Barbarenes.' And
[side note = ] The grief of the Macedonians.
than the Macedoynes cryed and sayde : ' O wirchipfult lorde,' quoth

[footnote = ] 1 Three lines with red capital A, and smaller a in the margin beside.
[footnote = ] 2 Four lines with red capital A, and small a in the margin beside.


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