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His names. 115

He byggid also in his lyfe xij grete citees that hider-to-wardes
bene enhabyt, and this are thaire names. Firste Alexander that
es called yprysilicas, the secund Alexander es called Bepyporitm,
4 the thrid Alexander es callede Sithia, the ferthe Alexander es
called Bicontristi, the fifte Alexander es called Theraucton, the sext
Alexander es called Buctiphaloin, the seuent es called under the
ryuer of Tygre, the aghtend New Babiloyne, the nyend Aptreadam,
8 the tend Messagetes, the elleuend Ypsyacon, the twelfed es called

Explicit vita Alexandry magni conquestoris.
Here endes the lyf of gret Alexander conquerour of all the
12 worlde.

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