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Reg. no Specimen name Formation Locality Provenance Notes
CR297 Beyrena deperdita Headow Tres hwater I.o.W. S.C
CR296 do obovata do do S.C
IR4568 Jellina do Chessel Head LW S.C
CR313 Cardita simplex do West Cowes, I.o.W. S.C
CR315 Corbula euspidata Mid do do S.C
CR285 Bulimus: heterostomus ? Headon Colwell Bay S.C
CR316 Voluta gemmata Mid do West Cowes, I.o.W S.C
CR293 neritina Headon Tres hwater, I.o.W. S.C
CR289 nematura parovila do do S.C
CR298 Serpula do do S.C
JR4530 Ostrea adlata Hempstead Hempstead S.C
JR4270 Cyrena semistriata do do S.C
JR4537 Cytherea inerassata do do S.C
JR4532 do Lyellii do do S.C
JR4535 Jellina nystii? do do S.C
JR4396 Hyarobia Chasteli do Werror(?) Cowes, I.o.W. S.C
JR4541 Serpula do Hempstead S.C
JR4274 Sphserium do Little Lim S.C
CR279 Chiton sieulus Pleistoeene Selsey, Sussex S.C
658 Troehosmilia cormuespise U Chalk trimingham, Norfolk, 1132 S.C
646 Magas Pumilia do do S.C
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