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here. I trust also that, should
he see you, he will bring back
to me cheerful accounts of
yourself. I have not been
to Powhatan or Amelia lately,
but I believe that the families
are well both at Dykeland
and Fighting Creek. Through
them I have been happy to hear
occasionally of your welfare,
and I hope to continue to do
so, and also that we shall
have the pleasure of seeing
you again in Va. before very
long. Mr. Holladay has in
view to solicit some subscriptions
in behalf of our college, and
specifically for the purpose of providing
for the support, during two years,
of a mathematical professor
who is about to be elected.
This is a matter of deep interest
to us the friends of the College,
and I may say also the friends of
Education; and if you can further
his object by any suggestions
or introductions, you would be
furthering what I can assure is
a worthy cause and confer
an obligation upon many besides.

Very Truly and respectfully
Yours. Walter Blair

Capt. Lewis S. Harvie, Kentucky

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