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George R Fitzgerald born April 12th 1859 about 1/2 10 oclock [10:30 o'clock]

Newyork New York May 7 1859

dier [dear] Frank I take this
opurtunity [opportunity] to in form [inform] you
what I en [am] about I hav [have] just
baught [bought] my ticket on the
Grinada Stearieg [steerage] 85 dolars [dollars]
the boat of the 5th M Tailor tickets
100 dolars [dollars] so you per siev [perceive]
that I could not go in
her none of the
Whitefield Boys hav [have]
cum [come] I should hav [have]
writen [written] sooner but could
not make up my mind
what to do before
there are sevrel [several] Maine
boys going on the boat
so I shall not be alone
I hav [have] not mutch [much] time to
spare shell [shall] hav [have] to cloz [close]
I em [am] well take good care
of yower self [yourself] and the and
the childrne [children] gev [give] my love
to all enquiring friends

[written in left margin]

I remain your afectionate [affectionate]

Edwin Fitzgerald

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