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Sanfransisco San Francisco June 3 1859

dier [dear] Frank I take this opurtunity [opportunity]
let you know that I em [am] well
and hope this ma [may] find you and
the children the same dier [dear]
Frank I write in hast [haste] for
I hav [have ] just let my self [myself] to
a man to pick strawberys [strawberries]
at 1 dolar [dollar] per day and found to git [get] money
to get out of the City with
I hav [have] to at fore and it is now
half past three dont [don't] you
wish you had some berreys [berries]
they are as big as your thumb
how are you and the Children
Ciss [Kiss] little Georg for me
how I would like to see you all
we areved [arrived] here yasturday [yesterday] morning
all well and safe if I had
money I should go rite [right] up to
the menes [mines] but I must work
and git [get] some there is not mutch [much]
duing [doing] here at present I want
to here [hear] from you write as soon
as you git [get] this direct to
sanfransisco San Francisco I must bid you good
by [goodbye] the boat has cum [com]

[written in left margin]

from yower [your] Edwin

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