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and you know the ret [rest] the reason
that I wrote in sutch [such] a herry [hurry] be fore [before]
was had to go across the ferry to Almeda Alameda
and I if I did not write then I should
not hav [have] a chance be fore [before] the steamer left
as it was I wrote in an express office
and had just got my letter in if letter
you could coll [call] it in the envelope when
the steamer blew her whistle to leav [leave]

I had to giv [give] the directions to the
express Man and get him to back it
this is avery [a very] bad chance to [write] rite dont [don't]
you think so I hav [have] not sean eney one [anyone]
that I knew since I arived [arrived] here
I think it ruther [rather] lonle [lonely] tell youer [your]
Mother this is a good pll place to take
boarders git [get] from six to 9 dolars [dollars] per
week do her hens wowld [would] be worth
one dolar [dollar] a dozan [dozen] eggs 75 cts butter 50
I cant [can't] write eney [any] more at present
the men are cuming [coming] in giv [give] my lov [love]
to all enquiring friends toll [tell] Nate
to hav [have] a good garding [garden] and take care
of the boys ciss [kiss] the children for me
and lirn [learn] them thier [their] praers [prayers]. I will
send you some money as son [soon] as I can git [get] it
you ma [may] direct to Sanfransisco San Francisco till
I go from here this leaves me well
and I hope it ma [may] find you the same

from youer [your] Edwin

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