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St Pablo Cal San Pablo, California

July 24 1859

My dier [dear] Wife I take this opuritunity [opportunity]
to write you a fue [few] lines to let you
know how I em [am] situated I em [am] still
at work for Mr Morgan but
hav [have] not been at work all the time I got My
shoalder [shoulder] hurt pressing hay
whitch [which] laid me up for three weeks
but I em [am] as well now as ever
in purson [person] but not in purse
has to pay at the rate of twenty
five dolars [dollars] per month for board
when loafing I had 2 dolars [dollars]
per day for pressing hay and
boarded hav [have] lost the Chance
em [am] at work at forty dolars [dollars]
now it well [will] be a short gob [job]
whare [where] I shell [shall] go then I dont [don't]
know the acounts we get here
from the Mines are not very
flattering tho I think I shell [shall]
try them about the last
of october [October] either that or origon [Oregon]
this place is about ten miles
from the sity [city] of sanfransisco San Francisco

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